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We help small and mid-size companies generate more leads and make more money.

Jansen Communications is a
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that provides copywriting and social media marketing services to growing companies that are committed to marketing.

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We work with small business owners and marketing executives who are short on time, expertise and/or in-house resources to do everything themselves.

Since launching in 2009, we have had the privilege of working with some truly amazing brands, from household names like Groupon to under-the-radar tech startups. No matter who you are or what you do, our approach remains the same:


Start with a strategy that links the project to your business goals

Brand Messaging

Write fresh, to the point, and engaging copy


Speak directly to the needs of your ideal client

Web Copy

Write like a human being (no jargon or overworked business speak)


Position you as an expert and go-to source in your field

Our Values


We fully believe that best approach in business and in life is to treat others as you would have them treat you. This philosophy extends to our clients, vendors, and business partners.


There is nothing worse than backing up against a deadline and not knowing the status of your project. We always do our best to keep our clients and each other on the same page.


We love helping our clients grow, and the best and most effective way is through close collaboration. We regularly brainstorm marketing ideas and projects with them and pull in select partners so we can truly take your business to the next level.


You are taking a big leap of faith to pull us in on your marketing, and we value that trust you place in us. Likewise, we trust that you will be an amazing client and provide us with the time and resources we need to do an outstanding job for you.


We believe fun is highly underrated in the workplace. We are fun to work with and do our best to make every project a delightful romp wrapped in laughter.

Monika Jansen | Jansen Communications
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Head Kick-Ass Copywriter and Strategist

Monika Jansen copywriter


Way back in 7th grade, my English teacher Mrs. Gildard told me I should be a writer. That advice obviously got stuck in my head. 

I love nothing more than creating unique content for my clients. Doesn’t matter what industry you’re in – your marketing copy will be genuine to your brand, written in plain English, sound like “you,” and generate leads. Oh, and we always have fun along the way (expect a lot of laughter when you work with me).

In the winter, expect a few OOO bouncebacks while I’m out snowboarding. The rest of the year, I finish work early so I can go hiking or just hang out with my family, friends and dog Marley.

Get to know Monika better by reading her interview in Shoutout Colorado!


Copywriting Queen


I feel like writing has always been a part of my life, though much of it remains hidden from the world in notebooks and computer files waiting to become books off my bucket list or on my blog. Most of my personal writing focuses on processing the world around me with a snarky and relatable viewpoint. Professionally, I spent about a decade writing and editing information assurance policy for government clients.

When I’m not supporting our amazing Jansen Communications clients, I’m focused on my handmade product business that I began early 2014 and other entrepreneurial ventures. I’m based in Loudoun County, Virginia where my life is centered on being the best mom to the most amazing daughter and sweetest kitty anyone could dream of.


Senior Copywriter and Token Male

Greg Voornas - Jansen Communications Senior Copywriter


Most of my wacky career has been spent in the big-agency world – Ogilvy & Mather, Foote Cone & Belding, Bozell, Young & Rubicam, Wells Rich Greene, Dailey & Associates.

I’ve been lucky enough to write for a ton of great clients – from IBM and Microsoft to Honda, Mazda, Mattel, Chase Manhattan Bank, even the U.S. Postal Service. B2B. B2C. B2Whatever.

My approach is simple: make it interesting. Whether it’s a postcard or business card, TV campaign or social media campaign, make it interesting. As the great David Ogilvy once told a client: “You cannot bore people into buying your product.” Bingo.


Minister of Assistance

Stephanie Kalka


I’m a storyteller, an artist, and a collaborative communicator. As a lifelong learner, I’m always growing my skill set. I find creative ways to solve problems and organize all the things. You may get an email from me every now and then to clarify a point for Monika, but should you need assistance, I’m happy to help.

I write for entertainment, mainly my own: blog posts, stories, and articles. (My mother-in-law loves my thank-you notes.)

When I’m not at my laptop, I can be found herding cats and haranguing my children. Only kidding. The cats are a lost cause. I find balance in writing, drawing, and creating music.

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