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I have been editing Monika’s blog posts on marketing for several years. She’s one of the best business bloggers I’ve found—her posts are always fun to read while teaching me something new every time. Monika is a great person to have on your team—she’s always professional, upbeat and knowledgeable about all aspects of marketing, not to mention fun to work with.

Karen Axelton, Chief Content Officer
GrowBiz Media


I’ve loved working with Monika. Her articles are easy to read and she always puts in the extra effort to come up with fresh content ideas.

Marta Segal Block, Editor
GrouponWorks Merchant Blog

Washington Street Realty

As a Real Estate Broker I am extremely busy assisting clients and agents, while trying to grow my business. My need for a professional writer and blogger is becoming ever so necessary so I have a strong web presence and I can be seen as more of information source for the communities I represent. Monika Jansen has been amazing in this effort! Every time I look at my website the amazingly useful information is constantly being updated. Our synergy is leading to more website views and ultimately more exposure to my business. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to increase their website relevance.

Chris Howell, Broker and Partner
Washington Street Realty

Monika has been writing for my company for several years now and she is not only great at what she does but she is a joy to work with in all ways. She has creative ideas, helps lay out the editorial content for the year and then suggests additional ideas during the year.   With all of the social media and content a company should be putting out on a regular basis Monika helps me clone myself! My highest recommendations.

Joan Fletcher, President
Winning Ways

Explosive Options

A couple of years ago a colleague recommended I contact Monika Jansen to help improve my content, editing and overall site presentation.  I had no idea what to expect but after the first call I knew she was going to help lift my business to the next level.  To be honest, Monika has delivered far more than I ever could have wished for, and the proof is in the results.  My business has grown exponentially and has more upside.  But what comforts me and really has me looking to a bright future is the partnership we have developed.  Monika cares as much about the success of my business as her own, which is the added bonus she gives to clients. A true business relationship is between partners who both have skin in the game.

Needless to say, Monika’s extraordinary talent as an editor, content provider are her best qualities, but she provides great advice and leadership.  I would not hesitate to recommend Monika’s services to anyone who would like to take their business to the next level.

Bob Lang, President
Explosive Options

her corner

I love working with Jansen Communications! Monika has an amazing ability to quickly understand the message and the tone and voice we are trying to portray, and she turns things around remarkably quickly. The result? It always looks amazing and exactly the way I was trying to say it. These days no important communications go out without Jansen Communications looking at it first!

Frederique Irwin, Founder and CEO

Schaffer Consulting

Monika helped us turn a boring, “business school speak” case study into an engaging story. Not only is the quality of her writing great, but Monika is also a pleasure to collaborate with. She takes the time to understand her clients’ needs, turns around top-notch copy quickly, and makes the process really easy. I look forward to working more with Monika in the future.

Danny Dworkin, Partner
Schaffer Consulting

buzzutoJansen Communications has been a pleasure to work with!  The company has always been very responsive to any changes or suggestions that we have and the blogs are always very creative and apply to diverse demographic groups to engage as many people as possible.  Our community would highly recommend Jansen Communications!

Chelsea Wilhelm, Property Manager at The Guilford
Bozzuto Management Company

Zeroed In Technologies LLC We transitioned our writing services to Jansen Communication on a referral from a colleague and I have to say we are very pleased with the results. Jansen quickly grasped our business and market drivers, and started writing compelling content in no time to help draw clients to our website.

Chris Moore, CEO
Zeroed In Technologies LLC

Brighter Strategies, LLC

What amazes me the most is that Monika can take on multiple voices and find the right tone, and the right words for each message. She’s done copy for both my husband’s business and mine and we are in completely different fields. His work is highly technical and B2C and mine is professional services and B2B. She was able to take the essence of what we do and boil it down in a way that was even better than if I had said it myself!

Elizabeth Scott, PhD President/CEO
Brighter Strategies, LLC

Turning tech geek data into rhetorically friendly content with passion and responsive creativity is the magic behind Jansen Communications. Beyond their friendly and always speedy fast service are the results which lead to enhanced sales. The projects are always creative, from rewording a website to writing professional marketing messages, each element is light years ahead from our past efforts.

Mitch Goldstone, CEO and President/CEO


Working with Jansen Communications saved me! I am not a writer but need good content to sell my company. Monika listened to my spiel and quickly crafted great materials for me. Jansen Communications will be my go to writing team whenever I need something in the future.

Christina Taylor, President & CEO
TaylorMade Experience

We are Pressfully

Working with Monika and her team has been an amazing experience! She took the time to understand my business, has executed each project with a masters craft, and delivered on time, every time. The team’s work is authentic, well-written and fun to read. I’m looking forward to continuing our relationship.

Byron Ford, President
We Are Pressfully

Mighty Little Website

Finding a great copywriter is like finding a needle in a haystack. Sure, lots of people can write, and some even write well, but finding true copywriters who write brilliant marketing copy, is rare and I’m thrilled to have found Monika and her team.

Heather Miller Cox
Mighty Little Web Shop

Falcon Lab

I get compliments on the content of our site on a weekly basis. I even get other companies who compete with her asking who did it so they can try to hire her. She’s my go to for anything content related. She makes me look good while keeping my message in line with my voice – which is hard to do.

Borzou Azabdaftari
The Falcon Lab

Social Light

There’s no one quite like Monika Jansen. Not only is she the most fabulous copywriter around, but I can’t think of anyone else that I would rather work with. Monika and her team at Jansen Communication is my partner of choice whenever my clients need to bring a little life to their copy and I’d recommend her without hesitation.

Nicole Krug, Founder
Social Light

Emily Crookston is very helpful in her services and creative in her assignments. Works within our timelines very well and our agents are impressed at the thoughtful and thorough content they are getting. She’s a pleasure to work with and does well with the information we give her, whether it’s enough or not.

Sara Langston, Senior Listings Associate
Compass Real Estate, Washington, DC office

Working with Jansen Communications saves me from, well, myself! I write like I talk…waaay too many words. Monika Jansen and her team ensure that my prospects and contacts easily understand the topic and move more quickly to strategic partners and paying clients! I highly (and regularly) recommend working with Jansen Comm.

Talmar Anderson, Founder & CEO
Talmar It Up LLC

Audacia Strategies

Working with Emily Crookston has been a game-changer for my business. I often say that she is “magic” as she can take my ramblings and create interesting and fun blog posts in next to no time. Her naturally compelling writing style and curiosity about new business models and markets has helped me be more creative in my blog post topics and content. As a result, I’m getting more engagement from readers and more customer prospects and partnerships. Emily is my secret weapon in keeping my online/email marketing consistent and engaging!

Katy Herr, President
Audacia Strategies

The Kaplan Group

Marta Segal Block has been absolutely great to work with. I really value that she is able to take a few sentences from me and do her own research to create a full blog for our site or an article for publication on other websites. All the articles we have submitted to other websites have been published so it just validates the quality of the work she is doing. I also very much appreciate the great responsiveness to requests as well as some of the connections she has in the publishing arena. I’m excited about the email campaign we are working on together – I’m sure it will be a success. So glad she is part of the team!

Dean Kaplan, President
The Kaplan Group

Julie Abel Logo

The business I work with needed a website that reached and spoke to our target audience. It was such a delight working with Monika on the copy because she translated my thoughts and ideas into clear, quality writing that fit the business like a glove. In addition, she worked with the web designer to revise and make suggestions to amp up the content even more. Monika has this amazing ability with words and people that she combines with her love of laughter and her get it done attitude. The results? An enjoyable process that gave the business kick-ass content and direction. Since launching the website, the business has doubled. Wow!

Julie Abel, President
Julie Abel Coaching logo

I’ve gone through a lot of professional services – lawyers, designers, copywriters, marketers, lawyers (did I mention lawyers?), and accountants. I would never trade Monika for anyone else. Two things a business requires are speed and quality – Monika delivers on that like many top professionals. What sets her apart is how well she captures and uses my voice. Everything we did had pitch-perfect tone, vocabulary, and content that sounded like it came from me, just much better.


Dave Conley, Founder

Ceres Insights

Janine Lucas is one in a million. From day one, she “got” our brand. Her tone of voice is spot-on, she stays one step ahead of us, and she never fails to bring fresh, creative ideas to our conversations. Plus, she is an excellent copywriter with truly outstanding writing skills. Our clients notice – she has definitely helped raise our company’s profile and meet our business goals. We’re so glad she’s on the Jansen Communications team.


Kathy McConnell and Sue Keith, Partners
Ceres Insights

Sales UpRising

Janine Lucas is one in a million. From day one, she “got” our brand. Her tone of voice is spot-on, she stays one step ahead of us, and she never fails to bring fresh, creative ideas to our conversations. Plus, she is an excellent copywriter with truly outstanding writing skills. Our clients notice – she has definitely helped raise our company’s profile and meet our business goals. We’re so glad she’s on the Jansen Communications team.


Katie Nelson, Owner
Sales UpRising