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Explosive Options

A couple of years ago a colleague recommended I contact Monika Jansen to help improve my content, editing and overall site presentation.  I had no idea what to expect but after the first call I knew she was going to help lift my business to the next level.  To be honest, Monika has delivered far more than I ever could have wished for, and the proof is in the results.  My business has grown exponentially and has more upside.  But what comforts me and really has me looking to a bright future is the partnership we have developed.  Monika cares as much about the success of my business as her own, which is the added bonus she gives to clients. A true business relationship is between partners who both have skin in the game.

Needless to say, Monika’s extraordinary talent as an editor, content provider are her best qualities, but she provides great advice and leadership.  I would not hesitate to recommend Monika’s services to anyone who would like to take their business to the next level.

Bob Lang, President
Explosive Options

Brighter Strategies, LLC

What amazes me the most is that Monika can take on multiple voices and find the right tone, and the right words for each message. She’s done copy for both my husband’s business and mine and we are in completely different fields. His work is highly technical and B2C and mine is professional services and B2B. She was able to take the essence of what we do and boil it down in a way that was even better than if I had said it myself!

Elizabeth Scott, PhD President/CEO
Brighter Strategies, LLC

Social Light

There’s no one quite like Monika Jansen. Not only is she the most fabulous copywriter around, but I can’t think of anyone else that I would rather work with. Monika and her team at Jansen Communication is my partner of choice whenever my clients need to bring a little life to their copy and I’d recommend her without hesitation.

Nicole Krug, Founder
Social Light

Long & Foster

I have worked with Monika for years. Monika and her writers have handled my monthly newsletter for my real estate practice. Monika and her staff are true professionals at their craft.

Lauren Kline, Realtor
Long and Foster Real Estate

Gendler Dermatology

Monika has helped me with written communications from my office and for my website. She is talented, a great writer, and extremely efficient. I have found her to be incredibly responsive and an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Ellen Gendler, Director
Gendler Dermatology

Monika is a great writer and has helped us on many occasions. She is very responsive to requests on style and direction and always makes the content highly readable and ready for the web which means it needs to be skimmable and to the point!

Ken Fischer, CEO

Good copywriters are hard to find. Great copywriters are nearly impossible to find. MarComm is beyond grateful that we found the great copywriter that is Monika! She takes the time to research, create and deliver amazing content first time and every time. I LOVE when I see an email from Monika because it means a perfectly positioned, impeccably written and spot-on blog is attached. I can’t recommend Monika enough. She is literally the queen bee of kick-ass copywriting and has handled complex and nuanced topics with ease and delivered polished, SEO-fueled and reader-friendly content.

Michelle Burson, President and Founder

Monika is the type of business owner and person that you enjoy working with from the first time you meet her, and when you are still working with her five plus years later. Monika and her team are passionate about writing, thinking about what will be most impactful for you and they work hard and hit deadlines. If you haven’t met Monika I encourage you to schedule a virtual meeting with her. You will like her style, exuberance and experience. I can’t recommend her high enough!

Joan Fletcher, PCC, President
Winning Ways, Inc.

Daniel Heimlich

It is very hard to find a decent copywriter, let alone a great one. Monika is was one of the GREAT GREAT ones. She’s wicked smart – very quick to understand new concepts. She is so talented, when it comes to putting words down on the page. Her prose is efficient, clear and fun. And she usually gets it right on the first draft. She’s so good! To top it off, Monika is a pure joy to work with. I recommend her highly.

Daniel Heimlich, On-Demand CMO and Advisor
Heimlich Group

Money ClubMonika is an incredibly gifted marketing support beam for our team. She’s not only incredibly witty and a joy to work with, but she’s been able to do what we could not do alone – step back and give us a lay of the land (and the right language) that allows us to make meaningful shifts in our marketing strategy! Monika – thank you so much for all your help. Our simplified efforts are going to be an incredible success in 2021!

Aaron Velky, CEO
Money Club

SSPHaving a team of copywriters to turn to during our busy season is a saving grace. We love working with Jansen Communications. They not only deliver high quality writing within sometimes-tight deadlines, but they are responsive to our needs, quick to offer ideas and always fun to work with.

Lana Cramer , Vice President, Corporate Marketing and Communications
SSP America

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