Author: Monika Jansen

For years marketers have been obsessed with Millennials (and their wallets). I’ve read countless articles on what Millennials value, how they like to spend, what motivates their behaviors, etc. Then, when this generation started coming out of the malls and into the business world, the articles on “how best to work with Millennials” started making their way around the interwebs. As a Millennial myself, I’ve found all of these studies, articles, and posts fascinating. My age group was born in time unlike any other in history, and the affect of the rapid development of technology has had on our generation is remarkable.

The other night I found myself in the middle of a heated, yet friendly, debate with a room full of freelancers. We were gathered together for a local Freelancer’s Union event and the group ranged from freelance lawyers to landscapers. The topic for the night was “How to position yourself as an expert,” and the event’s guest speaker, brand strategist and author Evan Karadimov, was leading the group discussion on why you need to be a thought leader in your respective field. One of his main points was that all freelancers can be seen as an expert by blogging.
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