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This Blog Template Will Make Writing Easier

Several years ago, I created a blog template that has made writing blog posts for our clients easier and faster. If “easy” and “fast” are two words you like to associate with writing, keep reading.

But there’s a caveat. You have to enjoy writing, or writing will never ever be easier or faster. It’ll still suck. You’ll still hate it. And you’ll resent having to do it.

If you hate something that much, don’t do it. The struggle and anger will come through in your writing, which means your blogs will probably be painful to read.

Remember: Outsourcing is your friend. Hand off writing to someone else.

Use this blog template


Start with the topic, not the title. You’ll write the title once the piece is finished.


What is the point of your blog post? Are you sharing information or tips? Is this an opinion piece? If so, why does your viewpoint matter?

The takeaway of the blog needs to be clearly stated at the beginning so readers know what to expect and why they should bother reading it.

Talking Points

Otherwise known as the meat of your blog post, this is where you dive into the topic. If you are sharing tips, they should appear as subheads. If you are sharing a story or viewpoint, pull out the main points as subheads.

Subheads should appear as short phrases. If it makes sense, start the phrases with an action verb. Underneath your subheads, go into more detail.

Call to Action

When the reader is done with the blog post, what do you want them to do next? You could:

  • Point them towards a free download on your site where they can learn more
  • Suggest they check out a product or service you offer
  • Tell them to register for an upcoming event you’re hosting or speaking at
  • Ask them to contact you to set up an appointment
  • Close with a question, challenge or “homework assignment”

Now you have a rough draft! Go back through the blog post and smooth out your notes. Then write a title, and you’re done.

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