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7 Ways Blogging Can Grow Your Small Business

It drives me nuts to hear small business owners say, “I can’t be bothered with blogging.” OMG people. I’m not just saying this because I love blogging or because we offer blogging services, but because it’s true: blogging can grow your small business.

Here’s how:

1. Blogging boosts your search ranking

Blogging makes your website more findable, period. Here’s why: Search engines love to see active websites that are frequently updated with fresh new information (like blog posts). That alone helps push your website up in the rankings.

However – and I’m sure you’ve noticed that – blog posts can also stand on their own as a search result. The better (and more optimized) your blog posts are, the higher they’ll appear in search. Nice, huh?

The more people know about you, the more sales you can rack up.

2. It can add credibility

When someone hears about your business, they’re going to check out your website to confirm what they heard. One of the places they might poke around is your blog.

Now, imagine you blog regularly on topics your clients ask you about all the time. This person will see a vast trove of valuable information, instantly giving you credibility. “Yup, this company knows what they’re doing.”

Next, this person checks out your competitor. Your competitor’s last blog post was published four months ago. Hmm, that’s not very good. Their second most recent blog post was just a press release about a new hire. Then there’s a three-month gap in blog posts.

Guess who your potential client is going to call? (Hint: not the other guy.)

3. It can bolster your reputation

As you publish blog posts, you’re going to share them on social media and via email. Your awesome knowledge will make a big impression. People will share your blog posts with their own audience. They’ll check out your website.

They’ll think, “This person is an expert. I need to hire her.”

YES! High fives.

4. It will help you reach more people

Try guest blogging – another smart way to extend your reach and create awareness around your company and what you do. However, don’t just guest blog for the sake of it. You need to make sure you’re only appearing on high-quality, respected blogs that will get you in front of the right people.

You can also ask people to share blog posts that you think are particularly ground-breaking or impactful. You’ll reach a lot more people – and who knows how many more potential clients.

5. The best ones can be used in ads

Those ground-breaking, impactful blog posts you write? Use them in ads to reach more people, whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Write a strong, attention grabbing headline and a compelling one-sentence introduction.

If the social ad platform allows it, add a call-to-action button like “read more” or “learn more.” People are more likely to click on buttons. (It’s a psychology thing.)

6. You can write stories about clients

Sharing client stories is super smart for two reasons. One, the people you write about will likely share it with their networks (as long as they’re portrayed in a flattering light!). Make sure you ask for the share – not everyone immediately thinks to do it.

Two, potential clients will read these stories, recognize themselves (“I have that issue, too”), and understand exactly how you can help them (“I want that kind of result”). Plus, a story feels more genuine and less sales-y. No one likes to get “sold.”

7. You can bundle blog posts into an ebook

Repurposing blog posts is awesome. The content is already written, and bundling them into long-form guides creates value. (Both of our ebooks integrate aspects of published blog posts.)

Plus, an ebook can be offered as a free download on your website. Gate the ebook to capture emails and other important contact information. Use that info to keep in touch with people via your monthly newsletter. If you get their phone number, you can call them and pull them into (and maybe right through) the sales funnel.

Boom, new clients.

Speaking of ebooks, one of ours covers blogging. Learn it, live it, love it.

Got any questions about blogging? Shoot us a note!

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