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Blogging Tips, Tricks, and Advice from the Experts

We do a lot of blogging for our awesome clients here at Jansen Communications. Along the way, we have developed quite a few blogging tips to make our writing clearer, more impactful, more valuable, and more fun to read.

Here’s our top advice, compiled just for you:

Put the customer at the center of your content

One of the best blogging tips is this: Always make sure what you write is something the customer would find useful, informative, entertaining, etc. Do your research to learn the hopes, fears, dreams, and desires of your target market, and craft content you know they will eat right up!

-Janine Lucas, Senior Kick-Ass Copywriter

Back it up with a well-chosen fact (or two)

If your content is informative or persuasive, finding a statistic or fact that reinforces your message, gives your words more power, and gives readers both a reason to care about the topic and to believe that you know what you are talking about. You don’t need an entire research paper, but even one piece of data from a reputable source can focus the content and help to drive the point home.

And be sure to reference your sources! Give your readers every reason to trust you – and no reasons to doubt.

-Lisa McCray, Technical Copywriter

Plan your topics in advance

Schedule time each month (or each quarter, depending on how often you’re blogging) to sit down and write out a list of blog topics. The pressure of having to come up with a topic right when you’re ready to start creating content can make it impossible to start. If you already have a topic in mind, your brain has time to process it and when you sit down to write, the words will flow more easily.

Also, schedule brain-stimulation time into your weekly schedule. Go for a walk in nature, meditate, write in a journal, or just unplug and let your brain run wild.

-Emily Crookston, Bad Ass Junior Copywriter

Show examples of your engagement within the local business/non-profit community

Photos (at least one) and write-ups of industry events your staff has attended establishes your business as an expert and insider with connections. Blog about who they met and what they learned – especially if you can share news or tips from an event your clients might not have access to.

-Vanessa Mallory Kotz, Copywriting Queen

Find your niche

Your niche could be a specific topic under a big, popular umbrella topic (like B2B Instagram marketing for the tech industry). It could be your unique voice. As long as it appeals to your ideal client, go with it.

Your niche could also be the medium you use. Maybe you don’t write blog posts – you vlog (create video blogs). Or you only publish interviews with industry experts, up-and-comers in your field or the people you personally admire.

It’s a crowded space out there – find a way to stand out.

Monika Jansen, Head Kick Ass Copywriter and Strategist

Make it relatable

Always write with your reader in mind. Informative content doesn’t have to be dry or boring. People are more likely to remember the points that you make in a post if they enjoy reading it and can see themselves in your content.

Some ways to do this include using pop culture references, tying your subject back to a holiday or event, or telling a story as you would in a real life conversation. Have fun writing your post, and your audience will have fun reading it.

-Karelyn Lambert, Awesome Assistant to CEO

Consider categories

Having a list of categories (or types of blog posts) will really help you when the dreaded writer’s block strikes: Book Reviews, What We’re Eating, Favorite Quotes, Customer Stories…. Having a few regular categories (that cover topics relevant to your clients) means you always have something to write about.

-Marta Segal Block, Senior Copywriter and Strategist

Be yourself

I have not one but a few blogging tips for you. Try to use your own voice when you write, rather than adopting a tone that is forced.

Make an effort to share information with your readers, rather than give instructions.

And don’t try too hard. Just embrace your unique voice!

-Jessica Bates, Kick-Ass Social Media Strategist

Be provocative

Now that I’ve got your attention….

If you can grab your target audience with a title or opening sentence that turns heads, you’ll get them to keep reading. One way to do this is start with a strong opinion – that gets people jacked up to agree or disagree with you. Just be sure to support your statement with examples and facts (or, alternatively, show why it doesn’t hold up).

And if you’re going to challenge your readers make sure it’s to stimulate thought, not offend them. These are your customers, after all – you want to entertain, not turn them away.

-Terri Kaufman, Senior Crazy-Good Copywriter 

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