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5 Statistics That Prove Business Blogging Works

You know you need to create content as part of your marketing strategy, but, Lord have mercy, it can be so hard to calculate ROI. If you’re wondering whether business blogging works or not, pull up a chair. I’ve got five reasons backed by some eye-popping statistics.

1. Business blogging helps you get found online

Featuring a blog as a key part of your website will give you a 434% better chance of being ranked highly on search engines.

Takeaway: Yes, your blog will help you get found online. Complete strangers who are looking for information on the products and services you sell will find you. Considering how crowded the Internet is, that’s an awesome benefit.

Tip: For this to work, your blog posts need to be optimized for search engines. Here’s how to do that.

2. It boosts web traffic

Once you write 21-54 blog posts, blog traffic can increase by up to 30%.

Takeaway: This is search engine optimization at work (it’s also directly connected to the statistic above). As you add high-quality, optimized blog posts to your website, your ranking goes up. Your website and your blog posts will all appear in search results, making it easier for people to find you.

Tip: You don’t need to publish 21 blog posts all at once! Commit to a schedule that works for you, and publish consistently. You’ll get to 21 – and well past it.

3. It moves along the purchase process

47% of people consume 3-5 pieces of content before taking the first step towards making a purchase.

Takeaway: People will poke around on your website and get to know you before buying from you. Your blogs, ebooks, white papers, checklists, fact sheets, and other content all help move people closer to purchase.

Tip: Link to other blog posts you’ve written. This helps people find even more information faster. (Search engines also love internal links.)

4. It builds trust

Blogs are trusted sources of information and advice say 81% of US online consumers.

Takeaway: A lot of people turn to online content for information so they can learn something new or make better decisions. Blogging helps ensure that you become one of those sources.

Tip: Research to make sure you write blog posts based on topics people are actively searching for. A great place to start is BuzzSumo.

5. It improves email marketing results

Companies that blog get twice as much traffic from their email marketing than those who don’t blog.

Takeaway: Add a blog post to each email you send out to your list(s), whether it’s your monthly newsletter or automated lead generation campaign.

Tip: Include enough of the blog post in your email newsletter to get people hooked. If they want to read the whole thing, they need to click over to your website.

Want even more business blogging tips?

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