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How to Find Blog Topics When You Have No Time

“I have no time to blog, let alone time to find great new blog topics to write about.” – B.K.

On the top ten list of things small businesses have no time for, blogging pretty much comes in at number one. Though one of our clients said the above during a strategy call last week, we hear the same complaint on a continual basis. In fact, I bet that approximately 99.9% of small business owners say it at any given time.

Hell, even I say it!

I was supposed to write this blog post yesterday. I started it an hour ago, but then I had to jump on a call with someone on my team. So now my fingers are crossed in the hopes that nothing urgent pops up between now and my next call so I can bang this sucker out.

When you say you have no time, I say “Amen to that!” And then I tell you how to short cut around the “no time” issue. Like now.

So here’s how to find fresh blog topic ideas when you have no time:

Pull from your FAQs

Do you have a written list of FAQs, or even an FAQ page on your website? Pick one of the questions you’re frequently asked, and write a longer, more thorough response to it.

Don’t have a list yet? Time to create one! Five or ten minutes of brainstorming right now can help you uncover your next ten blog post topics.

Do a quick hashtag search

Log into the social media channels you use that rely on hashtags to organize content – Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram. Type in a few hashtags you or your business frequently use, and your feed will be filled with conversations on topics that you both know about and that your audience cares about.

Look up your competitors

What are your competitors sharing on social media? What are they blogging about? What topics are getting the most engagement for them? Use their content as a starting point to produce more content that you can add your unique spin or take on.

Scan industry news

Go a little higher up in the food chain and scan major industry news. Look at the blogs and news updates of platforms your clients use (for me that means social media platforms like Facebook and the holy grail of the online world, Google). Scan headlines of industry publications and the media publications that cover your industry.

Now pick a news item, and write your interpretation of it or what it means for your clients.

Go back to the basics

When you become an expert in any given subject, it’s very easy to forget that not everyone knows as much as you do (guilty as charged). Go back to the basics and write a blog post that explains an important method or idea that is the foundation of everything you do.

Share a client story

Most of our purchases are driven by reviews and testimonials, so sharing a recent client success story is always a good idea. Want to fast track the blog post? Call up the client, and ask them to share their experience. While they talk, record the conversation (let them know first!) and take copious notes.

Have a great tip to share on how you find blog ideas? We’re all ears!

But if you too struggle with this issue, shoot us a note. Let’s discuss how we’ll handle your blog so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

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