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How To Get Started With Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a super smart marketing strategy for most small businesses. Get published on quality blogs with loyal readers, and your visibility and reach will increase significantly. Plus, those high quality links back to your website can really help your SEO, making your small business even easier to find.

Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Here’s how to get started with guest blogging:

Set a two-part goal

What do you want to achieve with guest blogging?

There are so many ways to answer this question, so think about your overall business goals and how guest blogging will help you reach them. You can guest blog to increase thought leadership and brand awareness, gain high-quality links back to your site, reach new clients, and/or boost sales.

And how many guest blog posts do you want to publish every month?

The answer here depends on how much time and effort you want to put into guest blogging. There’s a lot of research and emailing involved, especially when you’re just getting started. Look at your schedule and be realistic. Remember, you can set more ambitious goals as you establish relationships with editors and other business owners!

Reach out to those in your network

Take a look at your client, vendor, and partner lists. Who has the same target market at you? Who has an active, high quality blog? What topics will their audience find relevant and useful?

Once you’ve whittled down the list, reach out to each person on the list with your topic ideas. Offer to publish one of their blog posts on your site.

Research publications

Start with the publications that you read since you’re already familiar with their brand. Poke around on their sites and take notes:

  • Do they produce quality content?
  • Do they publish topics in your area of expertise?
  • Do they accept guest contributions? Do their guidelines make sense to you?
  • Who is their readership? Does it include your target market?

Write thoughtful and helpful pitches

As a former editor, trust me when I say that you will make a positive impression if you include the following in your pitch:

  • The correct spelling of the editor’s name.
  • The bare minimum of text.
  • A few topics with some context around what you’d cover in each blog post.
  • A brief explanation of why you think these topics are relevant to the publication’s readers.

Follow the submission guidelines

You got the green light to go ahead and submit your guest blog post! Yay! Now is the time to be detail-oriented and follow the submission guidelines to the “t.” When you do, you’ll make a strong impression and start laying the groundwork for a long-term relationship (aka, they’ll welcome future guest blog posts from you!).

Need help putting together and executing on a guest blogging strategy?

We’ve got you covered – contact us today to learn more!

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