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How Ghostwriting Works, Or The Art of Sounding Like You

New Client: “What do I need to know about how ghostwriting works? I mean, how do you make sure the blog posts you write for me sounds like me and not like you? Oh, and how do you write about my business when you don’t know much about it?”

Me: “Well, if I can write about options trading for one of my clients – and I knew literally nothing about it when we started working together 2 ½ years ago – I can write about your business.”

I’m actually pretty proud of that accomplishment, if I have to be honest! I can talk about options trading for hours, which comes in handy at parties if I want to scare someone away (and yes, I’ve done that).

But I digress.

I know you really want to know how ghostwriting works. We use a pretty detailed process so that we can:

  • Learn your favorite words, phrases, and colloquialisms.
  • Capture your tone-of-voice so any one of your clients will hear you in our writing.
  • Understand your opinions on topics, why and how you do what you do, what your clients care about and what their challenges are.

In short, we need to know you and your business inside and out if we’re to master the art of sounding like you. So, here’s how we do it:

We start with an extensive interview

Every new Jansen Communications client gets treated to a 30 minute interview that allows us to dig deep and learn as much about you and your business as we can. We cover why you started your business, project details and goals, your target market, and a bunch of technical stuff.

We spend lots of time talking about tone-of-voice

Sometimes when I ask a new client, “So, what’s your preferred tone-of-voice?” I hear silence for a moment. I never fill in the blanks for you – I want to hear your answer first. After you answer, I’ll share my opinion of what you sound like on (digital) paper.

We’ll also look through your writing and any other websites or blogs whose writing you admire and pick through why you like it. If I have samples of writing that I think is similar to what you’re going for, I’ll share that as well.

We interview you for each blog post

We learned through trial and error that the only way to write blog posts that sound just like you is by interviewing you for each and every one. I created a template that we go through monthly with our clients to gather everything we need to know for upcoming blog posts: the topic, your opinion, your talking points, and your call-to-action.

As you talk, we type, capturing your words, your ideas, and your tone. As a result, you get blog post that sounds just like you (and editing time is either reduced or eliminated entirely).

We ask for detailed feedback

The first one or two blog posts might require some editing on your part, which is only natural – we are just getting to know each other. We always ask for detailed feedback on why something didn’t quite sound like you so we can avoid making the same mistake in the future.

And that’s how ghostwriting works – at least if you’re one of our clients! Tell me: What is your biggest roadblock to hiring someone to write your blog posts for you?

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