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What to Do if No One Is Reading Your Blog

It’s truly depressing to create great content that gets zero attention. Here are some questions to ask if no one is reading your blog – and what to do about it.


If no one is reading your blog … are you sharing them?


To paraphrase that famous line from “Field of Dreams”, you can’t just write it and expect people to read it. You need to push that blog post out into the light of day.


Email: Some of our clients like to send an email for each blog post they write. Some like to fold them into a monthly newsletter. Either way, the blog posts are distributed.


Social media: Share or publish each blog post on your social channels – Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter. Any Facebook friends who also like your Facebook Page will see the blog post in their news feed.


Medium: This is a great place to publish your blog posts a couple of weeks after you publish them on your website. You can learn more about why we love Medium here.


Share with groups: Are you a member of a business-focused Facebook Group or LinkedIn Group? If the group rules allow it, you can share blog posts there, too. 


Does your audience care about the topics you’re covering?


You might love the topics, but your audience might not care. So, ask your best, most ideal clients for some feedback. What are their biggest challenges? What do they want to learn more about?


A perennial suggestion of mine is to turn FAQs into topics. If people are asking the same questions over and over, turn your answer into a blog post.


Does your audience like to read?


Just because you like to read doesn’t mean your audience does. They might prefer short videos or even podcasts over text. If you don’t know, ask them.


Are your posts optimized for search?


To reach new people beyond your list and existing network, your blog posts need to be optimized so search engines can index them – and make them findable.


Make sure you are using the keywords your audience is using in search. And if you have a WordPress website, ask your web developer to add the Yoast SEO Plug-In, another favorite of ours.


Are your blogs reader-friendly?


You could be doing all of the above right. But, if your blogs are not reader-friendly (especially on a mobile phone), people will stop reading pretty quickly.


Be sure your blog posts have a lot of white space by:

  • Writing short sentences
  • Limiting paragraphs to 1-3 sentences
  • Using subheads to break up ideas
  • Writing in plain English


Have “best practices” changed and left you behind?


Marketing is constantly changing. From social media and search algorithms to methodologies and platforms to consumer preferences – it’s hard to keep up with everything!


That’s our job, not yours. If you need help – drop us a line. We’ll make sure everyone is reading your blog.


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