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Our Favorite Ways to Repurpose Blog Content

As you work to build your personal brand or grow your business, make life easier for yourself. Repurpose blog content as much as possible.


Our basic strategy is to write and share the entire blog post and then chop it up into pieces and share the highlights. But that’s just the start.


First, get as much mileage out of the original blog post


Writing a blog post is only the first step. After you publish it on your blog, wait a week and then publish it on LinkedIn as an article.


Once you publish it on LinkedIn, you’ll be prompted to share it as a post. We typically pull out the introduction for the post copy and then add some hashtags. If applicable, tag people in the post to get more exposure.


If you are active on Twitter, you can compose a tweet similar to your LinkedIn post. (Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are not ideal venues for sharing full blog posts – we have other ideas below.)


Finally, share the blog post in your monthly newsletter. Again, you’ll just want to use part of the introduction as a teaser. Include a “read more” button to push people onto your website for the full article.


Now it’s time to repurpose blog content


This is where it gets fun. When you chop up your blog post, you’ll be creating what we call “snackable” content that is quick and easy to consume. Snackable content can be shared everywhere on social – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


You can pull out quotes or tips and turn them into graphics using a tool like Canva. Here’s a graphic I created using a modified tip from above:




Here are some more ideas for repurposing blog content:


Create a short video to share on your social channels. Just cover the highlights in your blog post and monitor engagement. This is a good way to find out if your audience prefers text or video – or vice versa.


Combine pieces from existing blog posts to create a new blog post. For example, you could gather all of your top tips into one epic post. Alternatively, you could revisit older blog posts, update them with new information and re-publish.


Respond to “prediction” or “new trend” blog posts a year after they are published to see how you did. What happened, what took off and what fell flat?


But re-purposing content sounds time-consuming.


What takes more time? Writing another blog post, or turning a couple of quotes into quick graphics? Exactly.


Of course, if all of this sounds like too much work, let us know. We love helping busy and successful people like you build their personal brands. You can get in touch with us here.


Image Danielle MacInnes via Unsplash

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