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Straw, Sticks, or Bricks: What Do You Want Your Blog Posts Built From?

When potential clients and I first discuss the costs associated with blog writing and management, some of them get sticker shock. Blog writing is an art and a science, and just like anything else, it takes a lot of practice and experience to get good at it. And we’re really good at it.

Can you find a cheaper blog writer? Sure – but you get what you pay for (garbage in, garbage out, you know?). Cheap writers deliver blog posts made out of straw and sticks, and those types of blog posts cannot hold up your brand, let alone help you build it.

Let’s take a look at why, shall we?

Straw Blogs

Straw blog posts are completely useless to your target market, even if they look pretty. They generally fall into three categories:

  1. They’re written for search engines, not people

If you come across a blog post that makes no sense, you are likely reading something that was written in a blog factory (yes, for real) and is solely focused on boosting a company’s search ranking. Of course, this strategy will backfire eventually, because if no one is reading the content you are publishing, search engines will punish, not reward, you.

  1. They’re company-focused

One of the saddest things I come across on company blogs is one post after another that is written about the company. “We scored this great client, we just launched this project, we hired a new VP” – nothing but “we” as far as the eye can see (hey, that rhymes!). News flash: NO ONE CARES, which means no one’s gonna read them.

  1. They’re written by someone who has no business writing anything ever

Some people are just horrible writers. These are the people who write in heavy jargon, don’t explain their point, angle, or reason for writing on this subject, and just ramble on with their thoughts until they finally run out of steam and stop.

Stick Blogs

Stick blog posts are slightly sturdier and are definitely better-written, but they still fall short if you start looking closely. Three common issues with stick blog posts are:

  1. They’re not optimized for search at all

It’s super important to help search engines understand your content thoroughly, and a lot of people have no clue how to do this (even if they say they do). For a blog post, that means you have to add your keyword in the right spots, use it the right amount, and integrate it seamlessly.

  1. They’re hard to skim or read quickly

Writing blog posts that are both reader and search engine friendly is definitely part art and part science. My team uses a finely honed formula that judiciously mixes in sub heads, lists, bolded statements, and a few other tricks to make posts super easy to skim – or read.

  1. They’re riddled with small mistakes

Grammar, punctuation, and spelling were hard in grade school – and they’re still hard to get right in adult hood. Good writers have a firm grasp on these skills. Writers who don’t will churn out blog posts that are so unprofessional they are ridiculous – and that’s not good for your brand’s reputation!

Brick Blogs

Brick blog posts are super solid; they definitely stand out in a neighborhood that’s riddled with straw and stick blog posts. They include the following attributes:

  1. They’re written by someone who knows your company well

Before we start working with you, we dig deep to understand your business, your target market, and your goals. Only then can we write outstanding blog posts that truly represent your brand. Skip this step, and the resulting blog post is a hot mess.

  1. They’re client-focused

The whole point of starting a business is to deliver value to your clients – and this ethos extends to all of your blog posts. Blogs that are filled with valuable, helpful, and useful information for your target market get read – and get you new clients.

  1. They’re written in plain English

A blog post can do everything right, but if it’s written in language that is completely indecipherable, you’re wasting your time and money. I don’t care how technical your audience is! You don’t need to dumb things down, but you do need to write in plain English.

  1. They’re easy to read AND optimized for search

As you now know, all great writers walk a fine line between “great for the reader” and “great for search engines.” It’s easy to miss the line completely; we stay on it.

  1. They’re part of a larger digital marketing strategy

If you want your blog posts to hit their full potential, you need a comprehensive digital marketing strategy in place. The results that my clients get when they commit to a professionally designed marketing strategy always blows my mind.

Want to invest in your blog so it helps you grow your brand? Shoot me a note. 

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