4 Examples Show How We Capture Brand Voice 


One question we are often asked is how we capture our client’s voice and expertise so their brand voice and content sounds like them. The answer is probably more straightforward than you might think.


But first, allow me to step on my favorite soapbox. 


Far too many content marketers don’t bother capturing their client’s brand voice. It’s more work, and they’d rather take the easy way out: suggest a topic idea based on a quick internet search, write some generic garbage that is not unique to the client, and move on to the next project.


It’s well established that the internet is littered with content at every level of quality, from downright false information to life-changing ideas. Your blog posts, white paper, presentation, or email newsletter might not be shared around the world, but they should be original to you. 


Ok, off my “don’t create generic content” soapbox.


To get back to that answer: We ensure our client’s brand voice come through by – wait for it – talking to them and asking lots of questions. That’s it.


It’s especially important to do this when our clients are in a crowded market. Take real estate.


Realtors are a dime a dozen in the US. Some have no idea what they’re doing. Some are excellent at their job and have the testimonials and sales numbers to prove it. Some fall in the middle – they’re good, but not great. 


It’s so easy for a Realtor to say, “I offer a great customer experience, I am detail-oriented, and I make the entire buying or selling process easy.”


Those things are probably true, but it’s still generic.


So I’m going to show you how we make sure your brand sounds like you. And we’re going to use Realtors as our example.


How we nail your brand voice


It all starts with discovery. During this interview, we ask a lot of questions about your brand. Not about your brand colors, logo design, or what font you prefer. That’s what visual branding experts work on.


We want to know what makes you different, why your clients choose to work with you, and what you do better than your competitors. 


During this interview, we capture the exact words and phrases you use. This is the key to capturing our clients’ voice and expertise. Skipping this step pretty much guarantees that you will sound like everyone else.


What does this look like in real life? Let’s go through four client examples.


Jordie Karlinski


Jordie is a former professional snowboarder and Realtor in Aspen, CO. (I tried not to fangirl all over her once I realized how awesome she is.) Right off the bat she said, “I really want to brand myself as an Aspen/Snowmass agent.”


During discovery, I learned that she grew up in Aspen. Because Aspen is such a famous destination, this immediately elevated her brand. She knows the community inside and out, from the schools to the neighborhoods, to what makes a good investment property and where to go fly-fishing.


Her new bio and website lean into that local knowledge. As soon as you land on her home page, it says, “Showing you Aspen, the local way.”


And here’s the introduction:


As an Aspen native, Jordie will help you find the right home in the right location to fit your lifestyle.


Visitors and residents flock to Aspen/Snowmass for year-round outdoor pursuits, rich culture, and the immeasurable benefit of wild places. Once Jordie knows your aspirations for a mountain lifestyle, Jordie will find you your Aspen.


brand voice | jordie karlinski site

You can check out the full site here.


The Owner Suite


Arnee Harrison was so much fun to work with. She’s a Realtor based in Atlanta who has watched the area change and grow during the 20 years she’s been in the business.


When I asked her what makes her different, she said, “I’m not a salesperson. I have labeled myself as a real estate concierge. I want to provide information and education and prepare people to make the best decision for their lifestyle, finances, family status, and long-term plans.”


Real estate concierge really jumped out at me.  And then she said, “I am an advocate for ownership.” Boom. Two fantastic brand messages. 


So that’s what we focused on. Here’s the first thing you read when you land on her website:


We are your ownership advocate.


Location. Equity. Leverage.


Whether you are buying or selling a residential home or commercial building, The Owner Suite has one goal: help you make the best decision for your lifestyle, finances and long-term plans.


brand voice | the owner suite site

You can see the full site here.


DC Luxury Properties


Saying you’re a luxury real estate agent in the Washington, DC area is like saying your favorite ice cream flavor is Cherry Garcia. Focusing on a nine-figure price point – or loving Ben & Jerry’s – doesn’t alone set you apart from the competition.


I have to admit, I was nervous when I first talked to Sam Sheibani. He was an experienced and successful business owner who was ready to move into real estate full-time. Great! But not a big differentiator. And then he told me about his background:


“I truly have a global experience in both business and personal life. My dad owned a casino when I was young, so from a young age, I have seen what it’s like to live a luxurious lifestyle. I’ve worked with clients in Japan to the US and everywhere in between. I can relate to and understand people on a deeper level. I can have a conversation and decipher pretty quickly what their true motivations are and use that information to build a deal.”


In the international community that is DC, this stood out. Sam has lived and worked around the world, and he is adept at making connections with new people, no matter where they’re from. Also, family is very important to him, Great traits to have!


His website is heavily focused on real estate, not his own brand messaging. So scroll down the home page and you’ll find his philosophy and bio rolled into one:


Buying or selling a home isn’t just a transaction. It’s one of the most important financial and emotional decisions you can make. I take my role in that process so seriously that I treat your home purchase or sale as if it were my own.


My approach to real estate draws on my global background.


I’ve lived in five countries and worked with clients from every corner of the globe. These rich international experiences allow me to quickly relate to people on a deeper level. Once I understand your motivation to buy or sell, I build a strategy that will maximize your outcome.


As a father to two young children, I know how important home is. It’s more than a roof over your head; it’s a place to build memories. It is truly an honor to help my clients buy or sell their home in DC, Maryland and Virginia.


brand voice | DC luxury site

You can find the full site for DC Luxury Properties here.


Ann Wilson Homes


Ann is a seasoned real estate agent in Arlington, VA, and she is very well-known in the community. Her son, Sean, joined her team two years ago, so we needed to integrate him into the brand while at the same time articulating what sets them apart. 


During discovery, I kept hearing the same adjectives: honest, professional, personal touch. At first, I thought professional was just a generic, throwaway term, but no. Ann talked about how too many agents are don’t have a professional manner or approach. They have both.


Ann has lived in the area for decades, and Sean grew up in northern Virginia. I decided we should also highlight that they are your friends and neighbors, not just your Realtors. Ann and Sean really liked that idea. 


At the top of the home page, and you’ll see a statement that changes:


Your friends, your neighbors, your Realtors


And instead of the generic, “buying or selling?” we have:


Looking for the perfect home where you can build memories? Ready to move onto your next adventure? 


We’ll put our deep roots into the community and years of real estate experience to work for you.



brand voice | ann wilson site

You can find the full site here


Want your content to sound like you?


We take the same highly personal approach to every copywriting project, whether it’s a website, blog post, or brochure – or something else. If you’d like your brand voice to shine in all your content, contact us. We’d love to help.


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