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The Combined ROI Power of Blogging and Email Marketing


Got limited time and money to invest in content marketing? Forget social media marketing. Instead, focus on blogging and email marketing. 


Does social media marketing even provide a ROI?


To do social media marketing right, you need to pour time and resources into it. You need to develop a strategy, create and share a few posts every week, interact with others, watch your metrics, tweak as you go, and, of course, follow best practices (which are always changing).


You could spend three or four hours each week on just one channel and still not have anything to show for it. 


I found zero sources of an ROI for social media marketing, by the way. Maybe people are embarrassed to admit how low it is? I don’t know. 


(I did find the list of most effective channels according to marketers – you can find more on that here. The top spot goes to Instagram with the rest trailing behind.)


So, instead, let’s calculate your social media marketing ROI. You can do it using this formula: (earnings – costs) x 100 / costs.


Earnings? What earnings? Exactly. 


And this is a perpetual problem with content marketing in general, but especially with social media marketing. It can be very hard to attribute a sale to one specific activity. More likely, it is several touchpoints that turns someone into a client. 


Plus, your ideal clients might not even be active on Instagram, LinkedIn, or whatever channels you’re using for marketing. And, if you’re pouring all your energy into content for a platform that you do not own or control, you are missing out on the search rankings boost you get by publishing on your own website. 


Don’t get me wrong. Done right, social media marketing can be a valuable part of your marketing mix. Just don’t put all your eggs in that basket.


By contrast, blogging and email marketing have a fantastic ROI


By contrast, there are plenty of eye-popping statistics related to the power of blogging and email marketing. Both are proven to have a fantastic ROI.


First, let’s talk about blogging.  


Featuring a blog as a key part of your website will give you a 434% better chance of being ranked highly on search engines. 


Blogs are trusted sources of information and advice say 81% of US online consumers. 


Company websites with active blogs have 97% more inbound links than websites without blogs.

Once you write 21-54 blog posts, blog traffic can increase by up to 30%.


Companies that blog get twice as much traffic from their email marketing than those who don’t blog. 


Email marketing has an ROI of more than 4,200% – a statistic that hasn’t changed in years! 


Why blogging ROI is so high


Blogs improve your search ranking and therefore help you get found online. In fact, most of the traffic to my website comes from organic search. 


Two years ago, I switched to blogging twice a month instead of every week, and it didn’t affect my search ranking or domain authority. I was already a trusted source of information, which I do not take for granted. I worked hard to get there! 

Like I just mentioned, blogs help build trust. When you share your ideas, stories, and experiences, people will get to know you, like you, and then trust that you are an expert.


This is why you can’t outsource writing to ChatGPT. You’ll get generic content that anyone could have written. To make it your own, you’ll probably spend just as much time personalizing whatever ChatGPT threw at you as it would have taken you to start from scratch.


Remember this: a high-quality blog post is one only you can write. 


Why email marketing ROI is so high


Email marketing ROI is high because it’s cost effective. It doesn’t take a lot of time to create a beautiful email with valuable information in it.


First, emails need to be short, which means you don’t need to spend hours crafting them. No one reads – they skim. Headlines and blurbs are all you need.


Second, the content in emails can come from existing sources of content – like your blog. In my newsletter, I pull content from recent blog posts and Five Business Rules videos. And then I throw in a funny meme at the end. 


Third, you don’t need to send out a lot of emails to get results. One email a month is fine.


You can do the above and still not get a great ROI, though. A lot of email marketing success comes down to an attention-grabbing email subject line and a segmented list. 


Want to improve your ROI? Outsource to an expert


For years, we have been helping our clients create one outstanding blog post and must-read email each month. If you struggle to find time for this – or simply don’t want to do it – let’s talk. 


We’d love to help you generate more leads, build thought leadership, and improve your website’s search ranking. 


Here’s what one long-time client, Charles Lipper from Volubility Podcasting, has to say:


“The help my business has received from Jansen Communications has been fantastic. Could I do all this myself? Sure. But not nearly as well and efficiently as Jansen does. They’re able to distill my messaging into easily digestible and personable blog posts that drive web traffic. Our recent newsletter just received 47.7% open and 7.6% click rates.” 


Sounds pretty great, right? Then check out our newly launched Marketing Breakthrough Package


For only $650 per month, you get one blog post and email that is tailored to your brand and audience. Imagine getting blogging and email marketing off your plate – and into the hands of experts. 


Learn more today – and get started tomorrow. We can’t wait to work with you.


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