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10 Reasons It’s Time to Hire A Copywriter

You know your business inside and out. You know why your customers love to work with you. You know the benefits and value you offer, and why your product or service features are better than the next guy’s. You know what kind of results you deliver.

You also know you need to start developing and publishing content that will engage your customers, inspire people to work with you, and position yourself as a go-to expert. But when it comes to actually sitting down and creating content, forget it.

Here are 10 reasons it’s time to hire a copywriter to create super fabulous content for you:

1. You can’t seem to nail down your messages

Getting to the heart of what you do and explaining it clearly and compellingingly when you’re so close to it … it’s enough to stop anyone in their tracks.

2. You have a lot of unfinished content lying around

How many half-written blog posts, outlines for ebooks, and ideas for email marketing campaigns do you have sitting around, just waiting for some love?

3. You have no time to write

This is a struggle for most small business owners. When we’re wearing multiple hats, carving out an hour or two every week to write just never happens.

4. You hate writing

I know so many people who are brilliant at what they do but hate writing with a passion. A copywriter will ensure your ideas and expertise get tapped and put to good use.

5. Your blog still has just two subscribers – you and your mom

While it does take a while to build a loyal base of blog subscribers, it doesn’t take forever. Good content that is interesting and valuable for your target market will help your blog grow organically.

6. Your website is not delivering much in the way of leads

It could be that your messages don’t resonate, your copy lacks energy, your calls-to-action are nonexistent, or you just need to offer something of value.

7. Your brochure is, um, kind of old

If your company has grown and evolved but your brochures don’t portray your brand and value proposition accurately, why are you still using them?

8. You don’t have a library of customer success stories

One of the best ways to build credibility and trust among prospective customers and move them from maybe to “YES!” is with success stories.

9. You gave up on email marketing because no one was reading the emails

Email marketing requires a lot of time and creativity to get right. But once the formula is nailed down, you’re golden.

10. You can talk the talk, but you can’t write the talk

As alluded to above, you know what makes your business so great, but something happens between your brain and pen, and you just can’t get it down on a paper.


Need a fabulous copywriter who loves to write and can deliver the content you need to reach your marketing goals? Let’s talk.

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