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15 Copywriting Do’s and Don’ts For Print Marketing

In our digital age, it is logical to think that print marketing is going the way of the fax machine. All of our music and photos are stored in the cloud. Apps help us run our lives. We communicate via text, email, and IM. Is print really that useful – or relevant?

The answer is definitely yes – especially considering that my team and I wrote a shockingly large amount of marketing copy for print over the past year. Print has become a novelty that stands out. Do you keep the digital birthday cards you get? Of course not. But you do keep the print ones – at least for a while.

The same can be true for your brochures, direct mail, and even print ads. So with that said, let’s take a look at 15 copywriting do’s and don’ts for print marketing:

      1. Do write an impactful headline that will have your target market nodding, “YES!”
      2. Don’t be afraid to use a question as your headline.
      3. Do stay consistent with your brand messaging – your value proposition, tagline, differentiators.
      4. Don’t skimp on copywriting or graphic design.
      5. Do include testimonials/reviews in your brochures and direct mail.
      6. Don’t cram everything about your business into a brochure.
      7. Do make one point and have one specific call to action that is easy for people to take.
      8. Don’t be afraid to think WAY outside the box: a soft-covered book, mini-infographic, or a set of cards, each with a unique tip or trick on it.
      9. Do use direct mail for new customer promotions, coupons, and special offers.
      10. Don’t balk at a two-sided postcard – the recipient has to read it before deciding if it’s right for them.
      11. Do keep marketing copy to a minimum – headline, product/service benefits and differentiators, what you get (if that isn’t clear), call-to-action, contact info.
      12. Don’t focus the marketing copy on how great your small business is – focus on how you help the customer.
      13. Do keep ad copy super short, super impactful, and super actionable.
      14. Don’t stop at one headline for your print ad: write several and get feedback from those who know and love your brand.
      15. Do consider offering a special promotion or discount in print ads.


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