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Every Company Needs Brand Messaging Guidelines in 2020 – Here’s Why

When the going gets tough – and my god 2020 has been a year – the tough need to stand out. This is where brand messaging guidelines come in.


And this is why every company needs them.


Brand messaging guidelines will help you gain clarity on what makes you different


Brand messaging guidelines include the top reasons people hire you – always good information to have – and a drill down into the benefits of working with you. These elements are what make your company different.


When you clearly explain why you’re different and better than the other guy, potential clients will go from, “I need this service” to “I need to hire this company for this service.” Imagine how a 25 percent higher conversion rate could boost your company’s revenue.


Want to take a stab at what makes you (not your company or brand) different? Complete this statement: Only I ________________.


I asked a few marketing people who know me well to complete the statement for me. One of them said, “Only I give it to you straight while making you laugh at the same time.” That’s me to a tee.


They’ll help you be a lot more consistent


A lot of companies write new copy from scratch every time they’re asked for a boilerplate (aka, a paragraph about the company). That boilerplate is part of brand messaging guidelines.


Cut and paste it, and use it, well, everywhere:


  • Home page of your website
  • About sections on your social media channels
  • Presentations and white papers
  • The footer of your email newsletter
  • Proposals – for projects, speaking gigs, etc.


Why is this such a big deal? Consistency is a big deal in marketing. It demonstrates that you’re serious, credible and reliable.


And, they’ll ensure your network talks about you accurately


Is word-of-mouth marketing a major source of new clients? If your livelihood depends on people talking accurately about your company, brand messaging will help.


When you share the same message over and over about your company (see above!), people will remember it. When they’re talking about you, they won’t flail around looking for the right words. They’ll say exactly what you want them to say.


Let’s say you’re an attorney. Your network could say, “I know a great intellectual property attorney, but I don’t know what he specializes in.”


But it would be so much better to hear: “I know a fantastic and reliable intellectual property attorney who helps early-stage software companies create a solid foundation for growth.”


Got brand messaging?


This is such a powerful exercise, and we’d love to help you with it. You can learn more about our approach to brand messaging here. Give us a shout if you’d like to learn more.


Image by Pineapple Supply Co. via Unsplash 

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