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How to Create a Brochure No One Will Throw Out

Because we are all drowning in email, this is a great time to invest in a print brochure. But not just any brochure – a brochure that will make an impact, that people will read and that no one will throw out.


How to create a brochure no one will throw out


A great brochure requires four elements. Three of them are focused solely on your customers.


Start with your audience


What does your ideal customer care the most about? And how does that one thing help improve their lives? That “thing” is what you want to focus on.


I know that’s an abstract concept, so here are some examples:


An accountant’s customer cares about reducing their tax burden so they have more money to live their best life.


A security company’s customer cares about reliable home security systems so they know their family is safe.


An executive coach’s customer cares about improving their leaderships skills so they can land the job of their dreams.


Your brochure – and in fact all of your company’s messaging – needs to focus on that life-improving “thing”.


Tell a story


Brochures tend to be full of straightforward facts, specs and features. Boring. Save those for the final sales conversation (but only if your customer asks about them).


For your brochure to be truly memorable, tell your customers a story – and make them the hero of the story. You can do this by walking them through the benefits of working with you.


Let’s say you’re the accountant. Customers who work with you don’t have to stress about paperwork, filing on time, filing properly and completely or missing out on deductions or credits. You will audit their finances and look for additional ways they can save money – not just on taxes.


Gain their confidence


This is where customer stories and testimonials come in. Why do other people love working with you? How are you delivering on that one “thing”?


Going back to the accountant, wouldn’t it be great so share how someone was able to buy a second home, travel for a month in South America or adopt a child because you helped them save money?


Invest in design for your brochure


Outstanding stories will only get you so far. Your brochure also needs outstanding design.


Ask your network for referrals to graphic designers who specialize in print. The majority of graphic designers do web or print, not both. You need a designer who knows print inside and out.


The first time you talk to the graphic designer, he or she should ask a bunch of questions around why you need a brochure and how you will use it. Your designer should be collaborative and recommend brochure size, font styles, paper type and more. He or she should also work with a printer to fulfill your order.


Need help with the concept and copy? Give us a shout.

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