How To Build A Kick Ass One Page Website

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How To Build A Kick Ass One Page Website

A one page website sounds so easy to create, doesn’t it? After all, it’s only one page! How hard can it be?

In fact, it’s super hard. Think about it – you only have a finite space in which to share your message and engage the reader – so you’d better make every word count. Let’s take a look at what it takes to create not just any old one page website, but a kick ass one!


Why build a one page website?


  • You don’t have the budget for a full website
  • You don’t need a full website (at least not yet)
  • You want to create buzz and start building an email list before you officially launch
  • You need to find beta testers who can help you refine your product
  • You need someplace to send the media and investors before your full website is up and running


9 blocks of content to include on your one page website



Because the header appears at the very top of your website and is the first thing people see, you want to make sure it both drives curiosity (so people scroll down the page) and gives them some idea of what you’re about.

You could pose a question, like “Do you want to grow your business and work less?” Or, you could make a bold statement, like “Grow your business and work less.”

Value Proposition

Your value proposition is a one sentence explanation of how you help others. It combines why you exist with why people should care, and therefore it is completely focused on your audience, not you. Yes, it’s very hard to write, but you must include it at the top of your website so people quickly understand how you can help them.

How It Works/Benefits

Depending on your company, you’ll either explain how your unique process, platform, or service works (think about Uber and AirBnB – they both had to do a lot of education when they first launched), or you’ll explain the benefits of working with you and how you’re different (think of service providers, like a coach or attorney).

What To Expect

This is an optional section for service providers, but it does help clarify what your clients can expect to receive from you (results or deliverables).

About Us/Team

Instead of diving into who everyone is on your team, provide a one paragraph overview of why you started your company and what makes your team so qualified. You can include the founders’ names and photos – and then provide a link to their LinkedIn profiles.


This is another optional section. If you have partnered with companies or already have some high-profile clients/customers, include their logos here. It’s a nice way to add credibility.


It is so important to include testimonials from partners, clients, and/or customers, as it adds credibility and demonstrates that yes, you do what you say you do.


Whether you want people to sign up for your email list, try a free demo, or contact you for more information (or to discuss working together), include a bold and crystal clear call-to-action with a big button people can click on.

Contact Information

It is very fishy to completely hide your contact information. You don’t have to include your street address and phone number, but you should absolutely publish an email address (with a captcha box to weed out spam).


5 tips to keep in mind to ensure kick-ass-ness 


Have your brand identity nailed down

Because you have very little room on your one page website to capture your audience’s attention, your brand must be fully formed. That means your visual brand identity (logo, colors, font) must be nailed down, and your brand messaging must be engaging and crystal clear. Do these things right, and your website will connect and resonates with your target market.

Keep your content super short

Get your point across, and move on to the next section. If you find yourself repeating the same message, tighten things up. Run your content by trusted friends and colleagues who are in your target market to get their feedback – before you publish the site.

Use subheads to organize sections

Subheads will keep each section of your one page website organized. While it might be fun to be creative with the subheads, make sure you don’t veer off into confusing territory.

Keep the design clean

Remove all distractions like background animation, and resist the temptation to go nuts with parallax scrolling (a little is OK). No matter how cool these bells and whistles are, they will draw attention away from your brand, your message, and your products or services. In fact, your website visitors could be so distracted that they completely miss your main call-to-action – and that would really stink.

Use buttons for your calls-to-action

Want people to take action on your website? Give them a big, easy to click-on button that contains a very specific message, like “Contact Us,” “Sign Up,” or “Get Early Access.”


Need help creating impactful and engaging website copy for a one page site – or a multi-page site?


We are here to help! Contact us to learn more about our approach, how we can help, and (of course) discuss pricing.

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