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Copywriting Costs: You Get What You Pay For

Eons ago, I took time out from the corporate world to be a personal chef. Yup, it was a pretty cool job. Yup, I am a really good cook. Yup, I had some weird-ass clients – and some weird-ass potential clients.

I remember this one guy in particular. He was super excited to have found me, because I specialized in vegetarian cuisine and made it a point to use as much organic produce as possible. We had a great chat on the phone, I went through my new client questionnaire with him, and then I emailed him a sample menu with prices based on his likes and dislikes.

The next day, I got an email in reply that went something like this: “I cannot believe you have the nerve to charge these kinds of prices – especially for a broccoli stir-fry that I can make myself! You are overpriced …” and on it went.

Apparently, this guy thought that I waved a magic wand to make a meal appear. Never mind that I created a custom menu for him, shopped for the ingredients, cooked everything, and then left it neatly organized in take-out containers in his fridge.

If you’re a small business owner, I am betting that you, too, have sent a potential client a proposal, only to get major pushback on your pricing. It happens to me every once in a while (like the potential client who asked me last week what $100 a month would buy. Um, yeah, nothing!).

Just as my potential personal chef client could have easily gone to Trader Joe’s and stocked up on frozen meals there (I’m guessing he did), you can certainly hire a copywriter who charges $25 an hour rather than $100. But you will get what you pay for.

Here are Jansen Communications (JC), we are more than just copywriters. We bring tremendous value to each project, which is why your copywriting costs will be a little higher when you work with us.

We take a holistic view

Content is not created in a vacuum. We think about how all of your content will work together, like how your blog posts can be cut into snippets to share on Twitter or LinkedIn or what tone of voice will resonate most in your monthly newsletter.

We keep one eye on sharing potential

Because we listen to and trust recommendations from friends, family, and people we know and like, the shareability of content is a really big deal to us here at JC. When Meg, Janine, and I write something for you – blog posts, emails, anything really – we think about whether or not people will want to forward it to others or share it in their social media feeds.

We understand branding

Branding is what people think about and expect from your company. Naturally, content that is consistent from a messaging and tone-of-voice perspective is a really big part of that, and it’s a major focus of what we do.

We stay up-to-date on SEO, web design, and social media trends

It is impossible to create content that is both valuable for your prospects and your brand unless we stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technical stuff in SEO, web design, and social media. So, we read a lot, and we try out new methods all the time.

We all have wide-ranging marketing experience

Meg, Janine, and I all have marketing experience that goes beyond copywriting and editing. We have worked at startups and for large corporations. We have worked on massive marketing projects with numerous moving parts. We have done product marketing and strategy and budget development. We know our stuff inside and out.

We’re actually really good writers

I have been absolutely appalled at content that my clients have paid for before they found JC. Think kindergarten-level thoughts that have been shoved through an MBA dictionary of terms. Meg, Janine, and I have worked on our craft to become really good writers, and we’re proud that we write kick-ass content for our clients.


Got a question about copywriting costs, content in general or a specific project? Shoot us a note!


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