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How To Keep Your Website Current

True or False: One of the hardest things for you as a small business owner to do is keep your website current.

My answer is probably the same as yours: “True!” I spent a few hours last week and yesterday afternoon updating my website, and man, it was shameful how much I had let my poor website languish!

Now that I have such a huge item off my to-do list, I am putting a plan in place to keep my website updated. Here is how to keep your website current:

Visit your website once a month

Every month, I am going to check in on my website and see if there is anything that needs to be updated or removed. This will depend largely on site analytics: Where is traffic coming from? What pages are visitors spending time on? What pages are getting ignored or losing visitors? What are visitors clicking on?

Add your own photos

Penelope Trunk always adds her own photos – of her, her house, her family, her farm – to her blog posts. I really like that. It makes me feel like I know her, and because I can see her life, I trust her, empathize with her, and understand her. I want to start doing that on my website, too.

Update your portfolio regularly

We all have a portfolio of work, whether or not it’s visual. The projects that we successfully complete are our portfolio and prove that we deliver. This is where I was really falling behind, so I am going to make a concerted effort to update my Portfolio page with websites that I work on and blogs that I write for.

Reach out to clients for testimonials

Just as my portfolio illustrates my expertise, client testimonials draw a clearer picture of who I am, what I’m like to work with, and how my services have benefited their business. Many of my testimonials are outdated, so this is another item for my to-do list.

Refine product and service descriptions

Products and services change as a business grows. Features and functionality are improved, processes get refined. Every 3 months, I’m going to read through my service pages to make sure they are still accurate and reflect what I provide (just did this – felt great to get that done!).

Write for your audience, not you

Even for me who knows better, it is so easy to write website content in a me-centric, or company-centric, way – “I provide this” or “I excel at that.” I was doing it in places on my website – writing about me instead of my clients. One of the best ways to keep a website relevant is to write in a you-centric, or customer-centric, way. I did for my website – your turn to work on yours!

Administer the cocktail party test

This is a fun one, and I do it with everything I write – including my own website content. Read your website out loud. Would you talk about your business that way to a friend at a cocktail party? If not, write it like you would.

Need some help with your website content? Let’s chat!

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