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7 Sales Copy Tips That Boost Conversions

If you’re struggling to convert prospects into clients, it could be that your sales copy simply needs a little tweak here and a little adjustment there. I’ll tell you how – keep reading!

But first, a story.

This past summer, Nicole Krug from SocialLight and I got an email overflowing with excitement from one of our favorite clients, Bob.

He and a colleague, Suz, had a fabulous idea for a new service that they wanted to launch in the fall. Nicole would handle the design and development of the new web pages and overall timeline for the service launch, and I would handle the copywriting for the website and emails.

Now, before I go any further, I want to share one of the great joys of my job: continually learning new stuff.

Bob and Suz are options traders. Before I met Bob 3 ½ years ago, I didn’t even know what options trading was. Now, I can talk about it at length.

The level of knowledge I possess shocks me sometimes.

Anyway. Over the course of a month, Bob, Suz, Nicole, and I were a hive of activity, brainstorming ideas, sharing drafts, and editing away.

Last month, we hit launch, and now Bob and Suz have a lucrative new product called Spread Trader that started attracting subscribers right out of the gate.

Want to replicate our success? Here are 7 sales copy tips that converts sales:

1. Play up FOMO in your sales copy

Fear of missing out, or FOMO, has gotten exponentially worse with the advent of social media. But there’s no shame in using it to your advantage!

One of our big selling points with Spread Trader is that credit spread trading is low risk and high probability (aka, it’s rare that a trade doesn’t work). So we emphasized that this is a great way to generate consistent income – and who would want to miss out on that?

2. Emphasize urgency

Limited time offers create urgency, and urgency converts sales faster. After all, if you don’t buy now, you won’t have the chance again.

We created special, limited time offers for Spread Trader to increase conversions. People who were already members of Bob’s other services could try it for free, while those who were not could try it for 50% off their first month. Both offers worked beautifully.

3. Highlight proof

Because Suz is an expert spread trader, we had numbers to back up our selling points. You can do the same with any of your products or services by working with a test (or beta) client before the official launch or simply compiling your success stories.

Just don’t forget to mention that results are not guaranteed. As Bob always says, “Trading is not a game of perfect.”

4. Spread! The!! Excitement!!!

If you’re not super stoked about your new product or service, no one else will be. So go crazy with verbs and adjectives in your sales copy.

In fact, you can straight out say how excited you are because of how much Service A or Product X will help your target market solve major challenges, reach their goals, and/or make their lives better. And that’s exactly what we’ve done in each email we’ve sent out about Spread Trader.

5. Share testimonials

Let your clients do the talking for you. Ask for testimonials that specifically explain what kind of results they’ve seen with your product or service, and share them with your audience.

In the first batch of follow up emails for Spread Trader, I inserted a testimonial from one of the first members right at the top. It said, “I paid for an entire year of the service with my first trade!” It also arrived unsolicited, which was awesome.

6. Share success metrics, too

As I mentioned above, you might not have a lot results to share when you first launch a new product or service. Keep track of your success rates so you can share that information and make a strong case for why someone should buy from you.

When I sent out that round of follow up emails for Spread Trader, I also included the very impressive results from the first month’s trades – an 86% win rate and an 8.5% increase in the portfolio (in cash, not just on paper).

7. Make the purchase decision a no brainer

The Spread Trader emails include clickable buttons that stand out from the rest of the sales copy. The buttons are green, include action words, and contain a sense of urgency: “Sign Up Today!”

When someone clicks on the button, they go to a landing page on the website where they are once again reminded of the benefits of joining the new service. Boom! Purchasing is a no brainer.

Need help with your sales copy?

Our team of copywriting experts is here to help. Drop us a line today! 

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