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How to Turn Your Boring Bio Into an Engaging Story

A couple of months ago, I had an epiphany. I had edited my fair share of bios over the years, which generally went like this:

Current job title, past job title and duties, and more past job titles and duties. List education and maybe some awards and stuff. End with generic personal tidbits.


I just learned nothing about you except how many jobs you had and whether or not you like dogs and/or your family. Oh wait, I did learn that you like to windsurf – how fascinating!

So, in an experiment, I wrote one of my client’s bios as a story. I filled it with energy and enthusiasm. I made it fun. I made it personal. And he loved it. Then I did the same for his business partners, and they loved it.

Looks like I found myself a winning formula! Here’s how to turn your boring bio into an engaging story:

Open with why you love what you do

Go for broke and add how you got into your line of work or career. People will pick up on your passion for what it is you do and want to learn more.

Briefly explain your expertise

What are you really good at and enjoy the most about your job? If you know how your colleagues, business partners, and clients describe you, add that as well.

Talk about your accomplishments

Duties and accomplishments are two different things. People don’t really care about what you do, but they do care that you can deliver. Talk about and quantify your accomplishments, and, if you can, tie them to the company’s overall success. A high-level overview is fine for a short bio. For LinkedIn (or a longer bio on your website), you can get a little more detailed.

End with more offbeat personal information

Think about stuff most people don’t know about you, and share that – as long as you’re comfortable doing so, of course! For example, I grew up doing Bavarian folk dancing – and I still have a few dirndls in my wardrobe and listen to German and Austrian folk music pretty regularly. (I don’t like beer, though – go figure!)

Write like you would talk at a party

This is really my mantra, isn’t it? If you read your bio out loud and it sounds stiff, start over again.

What have you done to take your bio from boring to engaging? Share your ideas below!

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