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How to Tell if Your Web Content Sucks

It’s hard to be objective about your company’s website. Even if you didn’t write the content, you are too wrapped up in the company to take a cold, hard look at it. So … here are five ways to tell if your web content sucks.

Your web content sucks if … it’s all about you

Prospective clients don’t care how long you’ve been in business, what certifications you hold or how many countries you’ve worked in. They care what YOU are going to do for THEM.

If your web content reads like one big vanity project/bragging exercise, scrap it. No one cares.

Talk about how you help your clients solve thorny issues and meet their goals. You can talk about yourself in one place, and one place only: your bio.

It doesn’t pass the “Grandma test”

If your content is lacking detail, overly complex or simply doesn’t make sense, Grandma will tell you. Don’t have a Grandma? A fifth grader will do.

No fifth graders around? Ask someone you like and who works outside your industry for their honest feedback.

It hasn’t been touched in five years

Old web content is like old milk: no bueno.

Outdated content is likely inaccurate and irrelevant to your target markets. And as a result, it will ding your credibility and reputation.

Review your web content on a regular basis to ensure it’s accurate. And while you’re at it, continually add new content – new services or products, new case studies, new downloads, new product videos, new blog posts.

You have a high bounce rate

A high bounce rate means people are leaving your website (or a certain page) almost as soon as they arrive on it. From a web content perspective, that means they are not finding the information they’re looking for.

In either case, you need to pull in a marketing strategist to do an assessment and fix the issues.

No one fills out forms

Depending on your company, you might have a bunch of forms on your website that people can fill out to get more information. They could include:

  • Contact us
  • Subscribe to our newsletter, YouTube channel or podcast
  • Download free stuff
  • Sign up for a demo
  • Register for an event

If few people fill out these forms, your landing page copy might suck, or your call-to-action might suck. Something else might need fixing, but in a lot of cases, it’s the copy.

Feeling totally paranoid about your web content now? We offer a free web audit. You can sign up here.

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