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Does Your Website Rock – or Not? A Quick Website Content Test

Does your website rock? And by that, I mean: Does it quickly and clearly communicate what you do? A quick website content test can tell you.


But first, let’s talk about the purpose of your website – from a potential client’s perspective. A potential client visits your website to confirm that you are:


  1. A real company – without a website, you could be a fly-by-night operation that is not to be trusted.
  2. A legitimate company – you’ve been doing this for a while and have a client list and portfolio to prove it
  3. A true expert in your field – you know what you’re talking about, as evidenced by free and paid resources (like a blog, ebooks, an online course, a book-book).


Does your website do these things?


A quick website content test


Round up a group of five or so people who know you but are not intimately familiar with your company. They could be friends, family or people in your business network.


Ask them to visit your website’s home page and answer these questions:


  • Do you instantly know what my business does?
  • Do you know who I serve?
  • Do you know how I can help?


If you’re feeling lucky, through in this bonus question: Is there anything confusing about it?


Obviously, you want them to say yes to the first three questions and no to the bonus question. If they don’t – and you could have sworn all that information is on your home page – follow up to learn more.


I recently did this website content test for someone, and all of the answers to those questions were not on the home page – they were on her about page.


This is critical information to include on your home page, because people are not going to click around your website looking for it.


How to pass the test


I follow a general formula when I write content for a home page or landing page:


Header: How we help you


Introduction: What we do and who we work with.


Here’s what you see when you first land on my company’s website:



Does your home page pass the website contest test? If it doesn’t – and you need help polishing it – give us a ring.

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