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What Do Copywriters Do?

I get asked a variation of “What do copywriters do?” a lot. And you’d think that, since I’ve been a copywriter for so long, that it would be super easy to answer. It’s not. In fact, it’s almost like asking a pastry chef, “How do you bake a cake?”

The short answer – at least for my team – is, “We create content that helps our clients stand out.” Like most skills, copywriting is much more complicated than it appears.

Here’s an in-depth look at what my team of copywriters and I do:

Continually learn

The basic principles of good writing, like grammar and spelling, do not change. But because we live in a digital world, everything else changes constantly – and we need to stay on top of it.

Under the category of “everything else,” we have things like blogging and social media tool and platforms (and the constant updates to them), marketing methods, new writing styles, and trends – tons and tons of trends. It’s a part-time job keeping up with it all, which is part of the fun. It keeps us on our toes!


Copywriting is useless unless it’s tied to a solid content marketing strategy, which means we are as much strategists as we are writers. First and foremost, we have to understand our clients’ business goals so we can create content that helps them meet those goals.

We also help with, refine, and/or create from scratch:

  • Brand identity and messaging
  • Audience research and personas
  • Keywords (not research, just integration)
  • Hashtag research

With all of this background knowledge, we can create content that is completely customer-focused and speaks directly to their needs.

Write and Edit

Now we can start writing and editing! For a copywriter, there really is no difference between writing and editing; both require similar skills to achieve the same outcome – awesome, engaging content. Here’s a quick list of the projects we typically work on:

  • Website content
  • Blogs and articles
  • Email marketing and newsletters
  • Ebooks, white papers, and books
  • Brochures, direct mail, and other print media
  • Video scripts and decks/presentations



Now that we have awesome content that speaks to your customer’s needs, we need to get it out there. And that’s where email marketing – automated campaigns and newsletters – and social media marketing come into play. Both are critical programs if you want to actually reach your business goals.


Finally, we analyze what worked – what do we keep doing or improve on? – what didn’t work – why did it fall flat? – and apply our findings to the project so, again, we can help you reach your business goals.

So there you have it – the complete answer to the question: What do copywriters do?

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