8 Do’s and Don’ts for Writing a Tagline Your Clients Will Love

There are so many examples of amazing taglines out there. “Just do it” from Nike and “It’s everywhere you want to be” from Visa are two of my favorites. We could talk about awesome taglines all day. So let’s talk about a tagline that sucks for a minute.

The suckiest tagline I ever saw was: “Delivering Results. Solving Challenges.”

I’ll let you read it again.

Here’s why it sucks: It doesn’t mean anything. It’s so beyond generic that it could apply to just about any business of any size in any industry.

Here’s what doesn’t suck: a tagline that is authentic, genuine, and creates a connection. That’s a tagline that your clients will love. Here’s how to write one.

Do start with the number one benefit of working with you

How are you different from your competitors? What value do you offer that no one else does?

If your business offers the exact same products and/or services as your competitors, highlight your amazing customer service. How do you go out of your way to make clients happy?

Now write down your answer, but don’t wordsmith it yet. No editing when brainstorming!

Don’t lie

Not lying should seem so obvious, but if your tagline promises something, you need to deliver on it. Also avoid hyperbole, as people see right through claims that you’re “the best” or “number one” in your industry.

Do think about rhythm and flow

A great tagline rolls right off the tongue. It might rhyme or contain alliteration (repeating the same letter), but it definitely flows and is easy to say.

Don’t write a novel

Taglines that people remember are super short – six to eight words max – and are typically captured in one sentence. Yes, this is hard to do, so really focus on boiling down the essence of what makes you different into as few words as possible.

Do capture an emotion

Successful marketing creates an emotional response. What kind of feelings do you want your brand to evoke? What words can you use in your tagline to accomplish that? Break out the Thesaurus for inspiration!

Don’t try to appeal to everyone

What kind of clients do you want more of? Your ideal client, right? Think about your tagline from their perspective and make sure it will appeal to them.

Do ask yourself, “So what?”

No matter what kind of marketing copy you write, it’s super helpful to ask yourself, “So what?” This ensures that your message is focused on your client, not on you, and that you’re saying something that is of value.

Don’t forget to ask for feedback

Once you write your tagline, ask for feedback from your team and your top clients. Is it clear? Does it capture what is special about your brand? How does it make them feel?

What is your small business’s tagline? Don’t have one – but want one? Give us a holler – we’d love to help you write one that your clients will love!

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