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4 Simple Emails That Increase Sales

Before we get into emails that increase sales, a story.

Since I was a teenager, I’ve laced up my sneakers and headed out for a daily 30-minute walk. For me, it’s the ideal way to start the day. I let my mind wander, listen to the birds, and plan the day as I spend time outside in nature. It’s awesome. And because I’ve been doing it for so long, it’s a habit at this point.

Now I’m going to tell you something slightly embarrassing, so don’t laugh.

I power walk.

I can’t run, so I power walk. Well, technically I can run, but I have high arches, and even with custom-made inserts in my sneakers, I easily sprain my foot. Which sucks, and which is why I power walk.

Also, thank you for not laughing.

Anyway, the reason I tell you all of this is because I never remember when it’s time to have new inserts made for my sneakers. And I never remember when I need to buy new sneakers, either. Luckily, Road Runner Sports stays on top of these things for me.

The San Diego-based company sends me an email letting me know it’s time to come into my local store and get new inserts and sneakers. And I love them for it. They help me stay injury-free when I exercise while successfully using emails that increase sales.

Don’t sell a product? Aren’t a huge company? Not based in San Diego (such a bummer – neither am I)? No worries – here are four types of emails that increase sales.

Email those who are MIA

Look through your newsletter list. Who hasn’t opened your newsletter in six months and isn’t already a client? Create a segment of those people.

Now, since they’re not engaging with you at all, this is not the time to try to convert them into a client – but it can pave the way for future sales. Send them something valuable (and free) that allows them to get to know you and your brand better, like an ebook.

Email those who haven’t converted yet

Go back through your newsletter list and segment out the people who open your newsletters but aren’t clients. Because they have shown interest in your business and what you sell, use this email to push them over the fence into “client territory.”

Send them a special offer, like a free consultation or discount on your top selling service, and include a testimonial that speaks to how beneficial it is working with you (if your testimonials quantify results, even better).

Email clients who haven’t purchased in awhile

This idea is similar to the emails I get from Road Runner Sports. Email clients who haven’t used your services in a while. You can offer them a discount on your top-selling service, upsell them on complementary services, or give them the opportunity to try out a new service before it officially launches.

Email clients on birthdays or work anniversaries

I am always tickled pink when I get a birthday email from a company I do business with (or am a customer or client of).

Of course, as a B2B business, you might feel weird asking for clients’ birthdays. In that case, look up their LinkedIn profile, make note of when they launched their business, and send them a work anniversary email. It’s a great reason to send congratulations, and a good opportunity to offer a discount on their next purchase.

Do you want to send out emails that increase sales – but just haven’t done it yet? Contact us today, and let’s discuss how we can help you!

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