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What to Write About in Your Email Newsletter

You know an email newsletter is a great way to stay top-of-mind with clients. But when it comes time to put one together, you freeze. Writer’s block sets in and you draw a blank – never mind that you know your clients inside and out.

The good news is you’re probably overthinking your email newsletter. Here’s the approach we take with our clients.

What to write about in your email newsletter

Before we dive into the actual content, remember that your newsletter needs to be short and valuable. Readers should learn something … quickly. If it takes longer than 30 seconds to read your newsletter, it’s too long.

Also, you don’t need to include all of the below in your newsletter. One or three ideas is more than enough!

Blog post intro

Include the first paragraph or two of your most recent blog post. That’s just enough to whet your reader’s appetite. If they want to read more, they can click on the “read more” button and finish reading it on your website.

If you write more than one blog post a month, choose your favorite. Or consider sending out one email per blog post in lieu of a monthly newsletter.

Article or event takeaways

If you read an industry article, don’t just mindlessly share it with a flippant “here, read this” blurb. Do the work for your readers and tell them your biggest takeaway.

Likewise, if you attend an event, share the top two or three things you learned – a play-by-play isn’t necessary.

Only share these takeaways if they are useful or helpful to your readers. If it’s only useful for you, share it with your peers on LinkedIn instead.


Whether it’s an industry statistic or result from a survey your company did, statistics are awesome to share. They can do one of two things:

Convince someone to make a purchase – “Client A saw a 53% increase in revenue using our system – in just 4 months!”

Reinforce that what they’re doing is spot-on – “Email marketing has an ROI of 400%”.

Upcoming event

Hosting event? Attending one? Speaking at a conference? Displaying at a trade show? Invite your readers to attend – but only if it’s something they’ll find useful.

Tip or advice

I sometimes forget that not everyone knows what I do. I bet you do the same. What might seem like super basic information to you can be a mind-blowing revelation to someone else.

A one-sentence how-to tip or piece of advice could be extremely valuable to your readers.

Want event more email newsletter tips?

Download our short and free guide: The Email Newsletter Checklist for Small Business.

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