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One Easy Rule to Grow an Email Marketing List

A few of our clients want to grow their email lists, so this topic has been very top-of-mind for me. Once you know the basic rule to grow an email marketing list, it’s a pretty straightforward process.

Here’s what I’ve been telling them:

One easy rule to grow an email marketing list

Give something away that’s valuable and get that offer in front of people.

Note that our focus here is not on sales. It’s on capturing emails so we can build trust, stay top-of-mind and develop relationships. The sales will come!

Feel free to mix and match items from the “valuable” list with the “offer” list. You’ll find the right mix that works for your company:

What’s valuable

Discount codes: This is a B2C tactic that is best used by retailers and restaurants. Think “Get 10% off your first order/purchase.”

Giveaways: When a new customer or client makes a purchase, throw in a bonus for free. It could be an add-on to a product, a free sample or an extra service.

Downloads: If you’re a B2B company, create some meat-y how-to guides that people can download from your website.

Demos: Do you sell a web-based application? Offer free live demos. Even if someone signs up and then ghosts, you can stay in front of them via email.

Cash: I don’t know of anyone who would turn down cash. This tactic is best used in conjunction with an enter-to-win contest.

How to get offers in front of people

Pop-up windows: Pop-up windows on your website are a fantastic way to capture email addresses. Use them on any web page you send people to (blog, product, home, etc.).

Enter-to-win contest: A contest that only requires people to submit their email address to be entered is a no brainer. They get entered to win a valuable prize (like cash), and you get a slew of new emails.

Social ads: For B2C companies, social ads are one of the best ways to get to get in front of new customers. If you’re B2B, consider LinkedIn or Google ads.

Cross-promotions: Ask your favorite partners, vendors and neighboring businesses if they’d be interested in doing some cross-promotions to each other’s email lists. This works very well for one of my clients.

Events: Whether you rent a booth or speak at a conference, find out ahead of time if you can access the emails of all attendees. If not, do a free drawing from all business cards you gather.

What do you do to grow your email marketing list?

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