When to Use Email Drip Campaigns

When to Use Email Drip Campaigns

There are a variety of ways to use email drip campaigns as part of your marketing strategy. I rounded up some of the more common – and creative – examples.


Generally speaking, you can use email drip campaigns to help potential clients move through the sales process. You share valuable information, and they get to know and trust you. (You can learn more about how to create them here).


When to use an email drip campaign


I typically use email drip campaigns after someone downloads an ebook or checklist, but here are other creative ideas to get you started.


Sales – with a twist


You can use an email drip campaign to score a straight sale of a product or service – but that may be veering off into “sex with strangers” territory. Instead, I challenge you to use it for sales with a twist.


For potential clients, you could dangle a special offer that reduces anxiety – and that also creates trust. In the past, I have offered a blog or website home page audit for $100.


For current clients who already trust you, you can upsell or cross-sell them when you launch a new product or service.




A challenge is a drip campaign on steroids – they are much longer than “normal” drip campaigns of three or five emails.


Each day during the challenge, people get an email that teaches them something new on a specific topic. The topic could be anything related to your business that involves multiple steps to learn or master.


I helped create a 10-day and a 30-day challenge for a client who teaches people how to trade stock options, and his sales results have been fantastic.




An email drip campaign can be used to boost event registrations – and attendance.


If you’ve ever organized an event, you know that it’s one thing to get people to register – it’s another challenge to ensure the majority of people also attend (even if it’s a paid event).


Use a drip campaign to remind them what they will miss. Who will be there? What will they learn? What will they get at your event that they can’t get anywhere else?


Book sales


To increase book sales, send out snippets from your current or upcoming book. You could send a quote, a section from a chapter, a forward written by a thought leader – whatever will get people’s attention.


You can also use this tactic to boost pre-orders on Amazon. This could make your book much more visible once it’s officially published.

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