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5 Ways A Content Strategy Can Turbocharge Your Small Business

Can something that sounds boring really turbocharge your small business? When we’re talking about content strategy, the answer is a big, fat, enthusiastic yes.

But first, a story.

Let’s imagine it’s a big summer holiday weekend.

Your entire family and most of your friends are eagerly awaiting the feast that is your Famous Annual July 4 BBQ. You’ve already prepared some of the dishes, but now it’s time to prepare a few others, put the finishing touches on everything, and set up the buffet table.


A few key ingredients are missing. Because it’s the morning of your party and you have so much left to do, there’s no time to run to Whole Foods. So, you cobble together some substitutes. Your knives are feeling a little dull, but instead of stopping to sharpen them (no time!), you start chopping garlic and onions anyway. And you cut yourself. Twice.

You can’t find your measuring spoons even though you just had them yesterday. So, you guesstimate amounts of herbs, spices, vinegar, hot sauce, salt, and pepper. You run out of room on the grill, so you start moving stuff to the stovetop and into the oven. You forget about some dishes in the oven and they, um, don’t turn out that great.

At this point, you’re in panic mode. You’re trying to fix things, but nothing you’re doing seems to help.

So, despite putting some thought and preparation into your July 4 BBQ, your efforts fall short. You’re frustrated and a bit angry, and well, the results don’t quite live up to expectations. (Luckily, the bar is fully stocked, so the BBQ isn’t a total disappointment.)

Now translate the above scenario into marketing. To make the most of the content you create for marketing, you need to have a cohesive and organized content strategy. If you don’t, well, you just wasted time and money on results that are less than outstanding.

So, let’s look at what a content strategy can do for your small business:

It will save you time and money by maximizing what you’re already doing

Already got a blog, monthly newsletter, and social media marketing going? A content strategy will tie them all together so the messaging, promotions, and conversations taking place have a bigger impact, reach more people and meet your goals faster.

It can uncover new opportunities

When you’re super busy running your business, you probably don’t have time to explore new opportunities. From combining several blog posts into one high-value ebook that does not yet exist in the market to reaching a potentially huge audience on the latest and greatest social media channel, a content strategy can help you tap into hidden potential. You could seriously be sitting on a gold mine and not realize it!

It can greatly improve current efforts

Do you know what topics your target market are most interested in? Have views of your videos declined? Has your email list stopped growing? A content strategy can pull your current efforts out of the doldrums – and push everything up to the next level.

It’s results-oriented

Strategies are roadmaps. You’re here, but in order for your business to grow and thrive, you need to get down the road to there, which is exactly where your goals are sitting. A content strategy is tied to specific goals, not abstract ideas. You want results? You need a strategy.

It’s organized

Disorganization inevitably leads to disappointment, frustration, and dashed expectations. It is a waste of time and money to just throw stuff at the wall to see what sticks. Will the first thing stick? Or the twenty-second? I don’t know about you, but I do not want to waste money to find out.

Pull of the above together, and you can see exactly how a content strategy can turbocharge your small business – and save you time and money in the process. Need help putting one together? Our team can help. Shoot us a note today so we can discuss exactly what you need.

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