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9 Marketing Projects That Will Position You for Growth

What are your business goals for 2017? Double revenue, open a second location, add a new service or product line? Whatever your goals are, this is the perfect time to start on some marketing projects that can help you find and convert leads and generally prepare to kick ass in 2017.

Here are nine marketing projects to consider (which are also ideal to work on when things are quiet, like during the holidays):

1. Gather testimonials

This is one of the easiest and most gratifying marketing projects to work on. Make a list of the clients you worked with this past year and email them individually, asking for a brief testimonial. Ask them why they liked working with you and how you helped them. Now make a plan for sharing those testimonials all over social media and on your website.

2. Put together a “come-back” campaign

Bring back clients who have disappeared with a “come-back” or “we miss you” campaign. Offer a one-time only discount, give them first access to a new product or service, or throw in a freebie (a product or service would work).

3. Write an ebook

What do your clients ask you about the most? It’s probably also one of your most-blogged-about topics. Create an outline, cut and paste your blog posts in, and fill in the rest with your expertise.

If you want to hand it off to a graphic designer at this point, great. But you can DIY it in a PowerPoint presentation and save it as a pdf file for distribution.

4. Segment email lists

The more you segment your email lists, the more successful your email campaigns will be, because you’ll be sending each group targeted information that they care about. For example, you could create segments of clients by the products or services they purchase/use.

5. Research productivity tools

We can all work more effectively and efficiently, which is where productivity tools and apps come in. Maybe you could optimize your sales process with a customer relationship management (CRM) tool or communicate with your team using a messaging app. Use this quiet time to do some research and test out options.

6. Clean through your apps

Speaking of apps, how many are you paying for right now? Are you using them? As for the ones you are using, could you benefit from a different plan?

7. Create a content calendar

Creating and sharing content when inspiration strikes will not generate any results, nor will it help you reach your business goals. You need both a content strategy, which you can read about here, and an editorial calendar, which you can learn more about here.

8. Outline a new marketing program

Have you been toying with a new marketing program, like social advertising? Video content? A new social media channel? Do your research now, including finding vendors who can help you.

9. Review analytics

Dig into your Google Analytics. How are people finding your site and what are they doing when they get there? Now look at your social metrics. What are people engaging with? Use these insights to update your website, the topics you’re blogging about, and what you’re sharing and talking about on social media.

If you have zero time to plan, let alone execute on, marketing projects, our copywriting and social media marketing services can definitely help. Contact us today to learn more – and here’s to a successful 2017!

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