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The Power of Reconnecting With Clients to Grow Your Business

Want to really grow your business? Look no further than your current and past clients.

One of my clients, a law practice, has been steadily growing their business with a simple little strategy. Every week, each of the four attorneys in the practice spend 20-30 minutes reaching out to former clients just to say hi and see how things are going.

If it works for them, it can work for me – and you.

Yes, I (and you) could do this in one fell swoop with a newsletter, but there’s a problem with a newsletter. OK-to-crappy open rates. Lack of personalization and intimacy. Miserable engagement as a whole.

Instead, make it super personal:

Hey Adam,

Long time no talk! How ARE you? I miss working with you and the team – that last project was such a blast. Want to grab lunch over the next couple of weeks and catch up? My treat – just shoot me your availability and we’ll get something on the calendar.

Talk soon,


In less than 2 minutes, I composed and sent a lovely little note to a client. So far, my open rate has been 100%. So has my engagement rate. Oh, and did I mention I have been getting new clients, new projects, and referrals this way?

The beauty in pursuing business growth through clients is this: They already know and like you. They know what you’re capable of and they can be your brand ambassadors if you just give them a nudge in the right direction.

Try it – see how it works for you. Oh, and let me know what your success rate is!


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