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What Is Your Company Thankful for This Year?

Starting, running and growing a company of any size is not for the faint of heart. Good days are mind-blowing and bad days are mind-numbing. When you have one of those days – and we all do – it really is helpful to make a list of what you’re thankful for.


During this season of gratitude, reflection and online shopping, I reached out to our clients to find out what they’re thankful for.


Here’s what they said.


What is your company thankful for this year?


I’d like to add a disclaimer that I did not bribe anyone.


I am extremely thankful for Monika and Jansen Communications. Monika and her team have the awesome ability to take my ramblings and turn them into great marketing messages. They are super talented and incredibly responsive. – Jacqui Didieu, Vice President & General Manager, Urban Alarm


I’m super thankful for the support you and your team have provided this year. Marta is amazing and is such a great fit with our team! 🙂 – Elizabeth Scott, PhD, President/CEO, Brighter Strategies


I’m thankful to the team of people who helped me to be happier and healthier this year. And to the staff at our company and our partners for helping us have another record year. – Dean Kaplan, President, The Kaplan Group


I am grateful for the diversity of my client engagements; I can bring ‘fresh eyes’ to each situation and do what I am ‘best at’ to help them solve their revenue growth challenges. – Chris Tully, President, Sales Growth Advisors


We’re thankful that we were able to build a Dream Team this year. We recently added Lee Mayfield to round out our team as our Director of Candidate Engagement. – Sue Keith, Partner, Ceres Talent


I am thankful for the positive and constantly growing clients that have enriched my business this year! – Joan Fletcher, MAIS, PCC, President, Winning Ways Inc.


I am most thankful for my husband (of 40 years this December!) and our 3 amazing daughters. They make my world shine every day! – Lauren Kline, Realtor, Long & Foster


I am thankful for my wonderful children, both are healthy, busy and happy. I am also thankful for my lovely fiancée LeeAnn, who I will tie the knot with in late 2020. She is amazing. Lastly, I’m thankful to have Monika and Nicole Krug doing such amazing work for my company. They are the best team ever. – Bob Lang, President, Explosive Options

Image by Toni Cuenca via Pexels

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