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Why No One Is Listening to Your Megaphone Marketing Efforts

You came up with an amazing product. You provide outstanding customer service. You go above and beyond for your clients. So, how do you let the world know all of this?

“Check out our recent awards!”

“We just got a five-star review on our app!!”

“Our latest gadget has three compartments for easy storage!!!”

“Stop by booth #117 where we’ll unveil our latest products!!!!”

Whoa, Nelly—let’s just all take a deep breath. Ok. Now put the megaphone down, and back away from it slowly. We good? Good.

The above scenario is something we here at Jansen Communications refer to as Megaphone Marketing. For business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs, Megaphone Marketing is kind of like the dark side—it’s tempting and sometimes there’s a promise of cookies, but I’m here to tell you: Resist. Seriously.

Here’s why:

It comes off like bragging

Sure, there is a time and place to be proud of your accomplishments, but you don’t need to show off every award or milestone.Too much success sharing will make your brand look self-centered.Instead, focus your marketing efforts on the reasons behind your achievements. Or better yet, share the limelight!

Give back to the customers or clients who helped you achieve your latest victory by offering them a gift card with a note that thanks them for their support.

It’s impossible to have a productive conversation with someone who’s yelling

You know that guy with the megaphone on the street corner who’s always ranting about some doomsday prophecy? Isn’t it amazing how easily we can tune that guy out?

When you go on and on about how amazing your company is, people will eventually stop listening. And why wouldn’t they? Megaphone Marketing works by putting the spotlight on you while drowning everyone else out—including your customer.

There’s nothing in it for your customers

Customers are selfish and for a good reason. They only have so much time, money and energy to give so they’re careful about what they buy and when.

If you’re up on your soapbox, rattling off every single product feature, then you’re missing an opportunity to tell customers what’s in it for them. Sure, it’s great that your product comes in red, green, and blue, but how will it enhance your customers’ lives? How will it solve a problem they face? Your job is to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and determine how your product will benefit them.

It’s time to take a softer and infinitely more effective approach to your marketing. Every time you feel the urge to lift up that megaphone, substitute it by listening. Chances are your customers are already out there shouting about what they need and want—all you need to do is listen and deliver.

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