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7 Signs Your Marketing Strategy Rocks

The entire point of creating and implementing a marketing strategy is to grow your business. Pretty straightforward, right? What’s not (always) straightforward is tracking its progress. With so many moving pieces and variables, it can be hard to tell if the strategy is working.

7 signs your marketing strategy rocks

Note that these are general signs to look for. Each campaign is different, so it’s hard to say, “This is exactly what you will see.” With that said, these seven signs are a great starting point.

1. You get engagement!

If your marketing content and campaigns are resonating and making a connection, your audience will take the time to respond. On social media, they might comment. With email marketing, they might hit “reply” and shoot you a quick note.

Or you might even get some shares. If you do, you just hit the marketing lottery, so congrats! You are a rock star marketer.

2. Your website has a spike in visitors

Watch your website traffic and where the traffic is coming from (more on that in this post on Google Analytics). If you launch a new promotion or campaign, you should see an increase in website visitors. Check to see if it’s coming from the marketing channels you’re using – email, social media, a partner’s website, etc.

3. People opt-in via your promos

There are so many ways for people to opt-in to your marketing. Maybe they’re clicking on a pop-up window to download a free ebook or submitting their email addresses in exchange for a coupon code. Go look at your analytics and make sure they’re taking action (your web developer can point you in the right direction if you’re not sure where to look).

4. Online sales increase

Got an ecommerce site? Great. Take a look at your promos, and scrap the ones that don’t generate immediate sales.

If any of your products are not selling at all, ever, no matter what you do, you might want to retire those products permanently.

5. Your sales funnel is always full

As long as your marketing is working, your sales funnel will be filled with potential clients. Look at your calendar. You want to see a nice, healthy number of scheduled sales calls, demos to give and proposals to create.

6. Your ideal clients are contacting you

In our quest for new leads, we sometimes don’t pay attention to how qualified those leads are. So, are your ideal clients contacting you? If not, rethink your messaging and the channels you’re using.

What does your ideal client care the most about? And where are they? Refocus your marketing strategy as needed.

7. You are reaching your business/marketing/sales goals

This is the most obvious sign that your marketing strategy is working. Keep your numbers in front of you. Track of how many leads turn into clients, and how many clients you need to generate the sales you want.

If you are not seeing any upward momentum in terms of engagement, leads, sales, etc. shoot us a note. We will create and implement a strategy that will drive real results.


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