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5 B2B Holiday Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … for B2C companies. For those of us who don’t own a hip boutique, trendy restaurant or see-and-be-seen bar, B2B holiday marketing can feel forced.


It doesn’t have to.


5 B2B holiday marketing ideas


There are really easy ways to integrate the holidays into your marketing that feel natural. These five are perennial favorites.


Holiday-ize your website, email and social media


Have a little fun with your brand during the holidays.


Ask your graphic designer to create a “holiday” version of your logo. Maybe hang a wreath off a letter, transform a letter or number into a Christmas tree or switch out the colors to green and red.


If you do this, don’t forget to update your logo on your website, social media, in your email signature, in your email marketing templates, etc.


You can also update images on your website and in your social media banners to be more “holiday”. Your favorite stock photo site will have lots of options!


Donate a portion of profits to a local charity


In every community, you can find fantastic local organizations that feed, clothe and provide shelter to the homeless, abused women and children and those recovering from addiction or living in poverty.


By choosing one local charity to support during the holidays, you’ll help to shine a spotlight on their wonderful work. And maybe you’ll even inspire additional donations!


Highjack famous lyrics for your brand


Off the top of my head, I can name 30 holiday songs that everyone knows. And then there’s “The Night Before Christmas”, a poem that even “non-poetry” people know.


Wouldn’t it be fun to re-write the lyrics or poem to align with your brand? What a fun holiday email! And hey – if you can sing – record the new song in a video and share that, too.


Highlight the vendors and partners you can’t live without


If you’re wondering what to post on social media during the holidays, create posts about vendors and partners your business cannot live without. Snap a photo with them, and in the content area, explain why you and your clients love them.


Or, create a super short video.


When you publish the post, tag them so the people in their networks see how much you love them. It could spur new business for them. Or you!


Bundle freebies


If you have a bunch of lead magnets on your website – guides, ebooks, cheat sheets, etc. – bundle them into one longer ebook. To make it “special”, only offer it for a limited time. Maybe it’s only available in December or only for one week.


When you’re compiling it, the bundle might get really long or become repetitive. Take the time to edit and trim it down.


How do you use B2B holiday marketing to your advantage?

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