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10 Ways to Get a Jump on B2B Holiday Marketing

When it comes to the holidays, it sometimes feels like B2C companies – especially retailers and restaurants – have all the fun. After all, it is so much easier and sexier to create a holiday marketing campaign around sparkly party dresses and holiday-themed happy hours than … tax accounting.

But B2B holiday marketing doesn’t have to be hard – or boring. Here are 10 ideas to get you going:

1. Look at what worked last year

No need to reinvent the wheel! While you have time, dig through your analytics from last year. What topics, emails, promotions, and social media activity had the best engagement for last year’s holiday marketing campaign?

Now, look at what has been working in the last two to three months. This should give you a pretty good idea of what to do this year.

2. Highlight how you save people time

What do people say during the holidays? “Ohmigod I’m so busy!” If you save your clients precious time, start talking about now. While you’re at it, gather testimonials from clients that specifically talk about how much time freed up once they started working with you.

3. Do a big, one-time only promo

One of our B2B clients does one big promotion each year, and it’s always during December. We pick one of his services, promote the heck out of it, and mention that hey, this is your one chance to save big on my most popular service.

4. Tap into Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is for all small businesses, not just cute boutiques in trendy neighborhoods. Use this as an opportunity to kick off a big promo (see above), promote the small businesses you do business with (see below), or even provide a behind-the-scenes look at your team, workspace, and/or life (professional life, not personal!).

5. Give back

Local shelters and food pantries have year-round needs, but demand can soar during the holidays. How your small business give back? Can you collect non-perishable food items, coats, or new toys at a holiday event? Can you donate a portion of all sales in December?

6. Create a special holiday theme

You might not have a storefront to decorate, but you can still spread holiday cheer via a holiday marketing theme. Maybe your logo gets a temporary holiday makeover, or you create holiday-related memes, or you create a new holiday “look” for your website, social media posts, and emails.

You know your audience. What will they find most engaging?

7. Inspire people

Spread the warmth, love, and peace by sharing inspirational, holiday-related posts on social media. It could be customer stories, a curated list of outrageous gift ideas, or even the best decorations your team comes across while they’re out and about.

8. Segment your email lists

If you are going to do special promotions, segment your lists. By creating relevant emails for different groups of people – current clients, past clients, prospects – your open rates and click-through rates will be so much better. (This applies for all marketing campaigns, not just holiday marketing.)

9. Get your followers involved 

People love to share! Ask your social media followers to about their favorite holiday memory, tradition, or movie. Ask for their worst holiday story ever. Up the ante by turning it into a contest (you’ll gain more followers!).

10. Highlight business partners and vendors 

Give people the gift of free advertising. Who do you regularly partner with? What vendors can you not live without? Write a blog post about them (they’ll share it!). Create a social media post about them (tag them!). Devote an email to them (they’ll forward that too!).

Need help crafting (and then implementing) a holiday marketing campaign?

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