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The Best Kept Marketing Secret Hidden in Plain Sight

I know marketing can be especially hard to keep up with, so I’m going to share the best kept marketing secret. Some of the world’s best marketing tips and educational content are hidden in plain sight.


Those marketing platforms you use? They are built by companies that want you to succeed with their product, and they produce a ton of a valuable content that can help you make the most of your marketing efforts.


Here’s are look at five of my favorite marketing platforms, and the type of content they share.


The Best Kept Marketing Secret Hidden in Plain Sight




The email marketing platform MailChimp has a large cache of Marketing Tips tucked into their Resources section. Some of the blog posts are basic, like how to use four automated campaigns to turn new customers into regulars.


Some focus on a specific feature, like organic social posting, and some are based on data, which are my favorites. Here’s how long to run an A/B test. They also have general “running a business” articles.


Anything you need to know about email marketing, you can find at MailChimp. If you use a different email marketing platform, check out their resources or blog.




Shopify, the granddaddy of ecommerce platforms, has a blog with a huge variety of content aimed at new and small business owners.


You’ll see lots of inspirational stories about successful entrepreneurs (always fun to read!), like an interview with the founders of Crossnet. There’s also lots of business idea posts, like 14 products you can make and sell online.


The blog also contains a lot of content on how to run or start a business, like this one on accounting software for small businesses or this one that shares a business plan template.




The DIY website builder, Squarespace, has a really gorgeous blog (from a layout perspective). Squarespace users will definitely want to spend a lot of time in the Know section of their blog. These articles cover “how to” topics, like how to sell gift cards on Squarespace and how to create an online portfolio.


Their On Trend category of blog posts is filled with timely information, like how to use your website to give back to how to maintain mindfulness when the world is falling apart.


Because their blog is built on their own platform, you also get to see some of its functionality in action. No demo video needed!




LinkedIn is the B2B social media platform – and as much as I love it, it drives me nuts. It’s not the most user-friendly platform, which is why it’s so hard to find their blog. They definitely win the prize for best kept marketing secret.


It’s a shame, because the variety of articles on their site is really fantastic. Here’s an article on making good decisions in high-stress situations. Here’s one on habits of true allies, which I am going to bookmark.


If you own or work for a B2B company, subscribe to their blog.




Instagram for Business has its own website, making it another best kept marketing secret. Unless you know to look for it, you have no idea it exists!


Their “tips” area is set up like a regular account, complete with its own feed. Scroll through, and you’ll find articles on creating interactive Instagram Stories and writing captions that people keep reading.


There’s also a Success Stories area that focuses on two types of stories: how businesses of every size and flavor have successfully used advertising, and how consumers are using the platform. Tons of great stuff in there.


What are your “best kept marketing secret” sources?


Image by Kristina Flour via Unsplash 

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