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How to Build Rock-Solid Customer Loyalty in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

With artificial intelligence (AI) seeping into every industry (including marketing!), a lot of people and companies are panicking over what it means for their future. Just as automation and outsourcing spurred changes, so too will AI. However, I’m willing to bet that customer loyalty is a hedge against AI.

Customer loyalty is a very, very strong bond that is hard to break. When you deliver a great experience over and over again, people won’t want to go anywhere else.

Here are some ideas to help you build rock-solid customer loyalty.

Be responsive

Do. Not. Ghost.


If you’re swamped and can’t respond in full right now, shoot your client a quick note and let them know you’ll reply tomorrow. Or hand them off to someone on your team who can help immediately.

Remember small details

You don’t exactly have to remember small details – but it is wise to make note of them. Every time you talk to a client, record small details in a customer relationship management (CRM) tool like Insightly. You could note birthdays, anniversaries, family member names and ages, interests, etc.

The next time you talk to your client, you can ask how the new puppy settled into the family. The attention to detail is impressive and shows that you genuinely care about them.

Send hand-written notes

In our digital age, nothing is more impressive than a hand-written note on nice stationery that has been stamped and snail-mailed. The note doesn’t have to be long, either.

You can thank clients for trusting you with a big project or making a referral to a lucrative new client. You can send a birthday card or new year’s greeting. You can even send a card that you know they’d like because it features their favorite quote or bird (obviously, this is for a really good long-term client!).

Surprise them with a gift

Because you talk to your clients (and take notes in your CRM), you know your clients’ interests. When you come across a book, movie or bottle of wine you know they’d like, buy it for them. Mail or deliver it with a hand-written note.

Let’s see an AI program do that – and not appear to totally Big-Brother-creepy.

Ask for their feedback

Ask your clients how you’re doing and how you can do it better. You can do this via a short email survey, but phone or face-to-face might be better. You can respond immediately and ask follow-up questions.

Who knows? That client of yours might have a fantastic new idea for a new product or service!

Apologize when you mess up

As soon as you make a mistake, notify the client and let them know how you will fix it (or that you already fixed it). If they didn’t realize there even was an issue, this will be doubly impressive and demonstrate your integrity.

Reward their referrals

Like I mentioned above, a hand-written note is a lovely gesture. If you want to do something more, send them a fun and luxurious gift that you know they’ll enjoy. But hey – if they’re die-hard Starbucks fan, a $100 gift card is perfectly suitable and just as thoughtful!

Throw in little extras

Do little extras here and there without charging your clients for it. Those last few changes before the project is considered complete? Free.

The product samples you created on the spot because you know your client will love them? Free.

People remember free.

Make beneficial introductions

This is my favorite, because it only takes a few minutes but can have a huge impact. Freely introduce your clients to people in your network. They could be potential clients or vendors – doesn’t matter – but if it works out, the long-term benefits are substantial.

How do you build customer loyalty?

I’d love to hear from you. Shoot me a note via our Contact form with your favorite customer loyalty tactic, and we’ll share it on our social channels!

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