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3 Easy Ways to Build Thought Leadership

In two days, I’ve had two conversations with potential clients about how to build thought leadership. If this is also one of your goals for 2019, here’s what I told them to do:

How to build thought leadership

This is not rocket science, which is why I said it’s easy, but it does require time and effort.

Create and/or repurpose content

If you have a backlog of articles that you’ve written but never shared beyond publishing them on your website, start here. Sift through them and make a list of articles that cover evergreen topics.

If you only write sporadically – or not at all – time to put together a blog editorial calendar. Spend five minutes brainstorming questions you get asked all the time. Those are your topics. Now schedule time to write and publish them (publishing two blog posts per month is perfectly fine).

Share that content

No one is going to come to your website to read your blog posts. You need to push the articles out so people will see them.

Start by publishing your evergreen articles on LinkedIn (one per week). This is different from a sharing a link to the blog on your website. Publishing them as articles gets more views and engagement.

Next, publish the articles on Medium (one per week). Medium is a fantastic publishing platform for people who have great ideas to share. People go here to learn, so it’s the perfect place to get in front of a new audience.

If you are already active on Twitter and have a sizeable following, share your articles here as well.

Finally, send the articles out via your newsletter, which of course you have and send monthly. This month’s newsletter went out today, and two people on my list immediately replied to tell me how much they liked one of the articles.

Share and comment on industry news

Once you have the hang of creating and sharing articles, share industry news and articles from other thought leaders on LinkedIn and Twitter. But don’t just share them. Include a comment on why this information is so important, or what you learned from it.

Do not share curated articles more than once a week. Though it’s important to demonstrate that you have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening, you want your own articles to have more exposure.

Two advanced options

Want to kick it up to the next level? Here are two advanced options (I say advanced, because they require a LOT more time and effort):

  1. Look for guest blogging/writing opportunities
  2. Apply for speaking engagements

Not interested? Start with the first three tips, and you will definitely be on your way to increasing your thought leadership.

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