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What Makes a Call to Action Kick-Ass – Not Just OK?

A kick-ass call to action is key to the success of any marketing program. Once you have the message and offer nailed down, you’re not done. You still need to make sure your target market does something to move forward – preferably towards a purchase.

Because not all calls to action are created equal, here’s what I keep in mind when writing them.

How to write a kick-ass call to action

By the way, the proper way to write call-to-action is like that – with dashes between the words. Ironically, search engines don’t love dashes, so I am writing it wrong on purpose. Forgive me.

Provide context

A call to action is more than a couple of words on a button. It requires a story that builds up to a climax. The climax is simply the button people click on. The story provides the context people need to click.

So, in a sentence or two before the button, make sure it’s clear what they’re getting – or what they’re missing – if they don’t take action. It doesn’t need to be complicated, just compelling.

Be creative

Calls to action like “buy now” or “subscribe” are perfectly fine. But they’re ubiquitous and somewhat boring.

Get creative and try something new to see if your click rate goes up. Instead of “buy now”, try “Yes, I want one!”. Instead of “subscribe”, try “Join our community!”.

Add urgency

If you know anything about the psychological effects of FOMO (fear of missing out), you know how powerful it is. Any hint of scarcity (limited supply, limited time) helps push people to make a decision, or, in our case, take action.

Use words like “now”, “today” or “hurry” in your call to action. Alternatively, you can add a deadline. Either way, you should see conversions go up!

Use action verbs

It’s easy to fall back on work-horse verbs like “get” when writing marketing copy. Instead, open up ye olde Thesaurus and choose verbs that help people visualize taking action.

Let’s say your call to action is “Get your copy today”. How about using these synonyms for “get” instead: snag, grab or buy. It’s so much easier to picture someone “grabbing” a copy than “getting” one, isn’t it?

Inject excitement

You want people to be excited about taking action, right? Make sure that comes through in your copy so people can’t wait to click on your button.

One way to do this is with exclamation points. In general, they are frowned upon in marketing copy and business writing. But when it comes to calls to action, use them with abandon (but don’t go overboard! One is fine. Two or more, and people will wonder if a fifth grader works for you).

Now it’s your turn. Try turning up the volume on your calls to action, and let us know how it goes!

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