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Content Marketing: Is Giving Away Your Expertise Really a Good Idea?

Let’s cut right to the chase. Yes, using content marketing to give away your expertise is a great idea up to a point (we’ll get to that in a sec).

“But I’ve worked so hard to get here!” you might think. “Why would I want to tell people how to do what I do? I’ll lose clients.”

Maybe, but probably not (keep reading).

Last month, I went a fabulous event where I got to hear Nicholas Kusmich talk about how to succeed with Facebook ads. He provided detailed information on how to do everything – yet people still wanted to sign up for his agency’s Facebook ad service. They didn’t want to risk failure in an area where they had zero experience.

You can absolutely do the same thing. Here’s how to make sure content marketing brings in new clients:

Overwhelm people with detailed information

See my story above. The people who don’t become overwhelmed and decide, “No sweat, I can totally do this myself” are not your clients. They are Do-It-Yourselfers – and more power to them!

But the ones who think, “Holy crap. I’ll never be able to do this – it’s just not my area of expertise” are your clients.

Only get them from Point A to Point B

You only want to help them take a few steps forward, not run a marathon to the finish line. Give away information in bits and pieces. Once they get hooked and see that, yes, this works, they’ll want to learn more. Or hire you to do everything for them.

Don’t give away your secret sauce

If you have a proprietary method of doing something, do not share it. Ever.

Should you mention it? Yes, definitely! It can really boost your credibility. People will think, “Wow, this person is super smart!”

Share your mistakes

Teaching people what not to do is as important as teaching them what to do. What if they’re thinking about doing something you know doesn’t work? You’ll look like a hero who just saved them a lot of time and money.

Plus, being honest about your mistakes makes you sound like a human. You’re basically saying, “Look, I’m not perfect, but I kept trying and eventually figured out the puzzle.” Being humble can be rare in the business world – and you’ll stand out because of it.

Demonstrate results

Content marketing is the natural place to share your results. If you can say, “Doing this has allowed us to achieve X results for our clients,” people will want to sign up pronto.

One of the best ways to get started with content marketing is by blogging. If you want to learn more about it, download our ebook The Small Business Guide to Blogging today. Happy reading!

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