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Content Marketing in 2020: How Will You Make the Story About Your Clients?

As you think about your company’s content marketing in 2020, I’d like to challenge you to try something new. What can you do to get your clients in on the act?


A recent blog post by Mark Schaefer has me thinking about this … a lot. In his new book, Marketing Rebellion, he shares five “rebellious” principles:


  1. The customer is the marketer.
  2. Marketing is about their story, not your story.
  3. Make the customer the hero.
  4. User-generated content is among the most valuable marketing assets.
  5. Help customers belong.


You do not need to be a B2C company that makes shiny, Instagram-worthy baubles. Here are four ideas for your B2B company.


How to make content marketing in 2020 about your clients


You don’t want your clients to have to do much work. It has to be fun, easy and about THEM.


Share their stories


Ask clients to tell their stories in a one-minute video. What do they do, and what is their best piece of business advice? Or, what’s their biggest win of the year, and how did they achieve it?


Celebrate your clients


When a client hits a big milestone, wins an award, or lands a huge contract, take them out to a celebratory lunch (or dinner). Take selfies and share on social. This isn’t quite user-generated content, but it’s close.


Create a client award


A client award doesn’t have to be a huge production. You could randomly choose one client to be your “Client of the Month”.  You could create silly awards for your clients, like “Most Likely to Show Up Early for Meetings (So Be Prepared!)”.


Gather photos of unusual workplaces


Everyone has a smartphone, so snapping and sharing photos is easy-peasy. Ask your clients to send you photos of unusual workspaces that you can share on social. Coffee shops, airports, park benches, the in-law’s beach house, a boat – the cooler, the better.


I’d love to hear from you: What are you going to do for content marketing in 2020? (If you need some more ideas, check out this blog post on B2B social media marketing.)


Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR on Unsplash

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