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Pros and Cons of a Copywriter v. ChatGPT


Wondering if you can use generative AI tools like ChatGPT for all your content marketing needs? Until today, I’ve never compared options and examined the pros and cons of working with a copywriter v. ChatGPT. 


This’ll be fun!


Pros and cons of working with a copywriter v. ChatGPT


Pros of working with a copywriter


Expertise: A professional copywriter offers deep expertise about content marketing. They are up-to-date on marketing trends, apps, and methods and can answer pretty much any question about content marketing you throw at them. 


Quality work: Not all people who call themselves copywriters are actually good at writing marketing copy. As long as you do your homework, read reviews, and pore over portfolio examples, you can expect to receive high quality work, every time.


Singular focus: Copywriters create and execute on content marketing strategies – that’s it. Unlike small business owners, they are not pulled in a million directions every day. Instead, they focus on “doing” your marketing and getting you results.


Strategic mindset: Senior copywriters are always wearing their strategy hat. They will steer you towards the right topics, audiences, channels, etc. to ensure you meet your marketing and business goals.


Collaborative approach: Most copywriters I know don’t operate in the dark. They work alongside you to ensure everything they do is aligned with your brand. 


Cons of working with a copywriter


Expensive: Working with a copywriter can be expensive – at least compared to doing it all yourself. But if your marketing is doing its job – if it’s bringing in leads and generating sales – it’s more than paying for itself.


Year long time commitments: It is an industry standard to commit to on-going marketing projects (blogging, email marketing, social media marketing) for a year. What if you sign the contract and then don’t love working with the copywriter? You’re stuck. (We don’t ask you to do that.)


Done for you services: “Done for you content marketing” services may seem like a fantastic solution. They are low-cost and guarantee a set amount of marketing content per month. But they are essentially content mills that deliver generic content of iffy quality – and they are not backed by a strategy. What kind of ROI can you expect? None, if any. 


Pros of using ChatGPT


Free: ChatGPT and other generative AI tools are free to use for now. However, there are a lot of caveats that go along with free – see below!


Fast: AI tools are known for their speed – a huge benefit. I use ChatGPT to brainstorm (usually synonyms), which is a lot faster than digging through an online Thesaurus.


Cons of using ChatGPT


Generic content: As I’ve written before (and others have pointed out), ChatGPT scrapes words and ideas off the internet and regurgitates them in a narrative search result. The result is mashup of content that already exists and is not unique to your brand.


Heavy editing: Generic content that isn’t backed by a strategy requires you to spend a considerable amount of time editing it. And not only so it sounds like you. You’ll need to add your own stories and experiences, too. 


Zero strategy: ChatGPT doesn’t understand your brand or goals, so any content it creates is void of context and is not unique to you. It can only provide you with other people’s ideas.


Getting prompts right: Because ChatGPT has no idea what information you are seeking, you need to get really good at prompt engineering (which is turning into a niche of its own). 


Hallucinations: Generative AI is known for hallucinating, or just making shit up. You may need to do your own research to ensure the information it gave you is accurate.




The one glaring difference of a copywriter v. ChatGPT comes down to strategy. A good copywriter is also a content marketing strategist. I look at every client’s project through a strategic lens to ensure the content sounds like them and generates leads. ChatGPT cannot do that.


Generative AI is being built into multiple marketing tools to handle very small crumbs of a big pie. Take Yoast for SEO. You can now use AI to write your web page’s or blog post’s meta description and SEO title. Very cool. But in the battle of a copywriter v. ChatGPT, it’s not even a footnote.


If you’re ready to hand off some or all of your content marketing strategy to a team of expert copywriters, let’s talk. We’d love to help you generate leads so you can earn the income you want. Shoot me a note here


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