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4 Ideas for Creating Relevant Content During the Pandemic

Now that you have tossed aside your editorial calendar, you might be struggling with creating relevant content during the pandemic. Start with these four ideas and see where they take you.


4 ideas for creating relevant content during the pandemic


And by the way, none of these topics are one-and-done. You might want to rotate through them over the next year.


Tell your story and offer your advice


During any crisis, honesty confers authority and credibility. That’s why sharing your story right now is so powerful. When you admit that you are struggling or making mistakes while trying to do your best, people will connect with your message.


So, think about how you are handling the new abnormal. How are your customers or clients handling it? What have you found to be useful or valuable right now, and what is no longer working?


Talking about your experience and offering your advice for others who are in the same boat is the most relevant content you can create during the pandemic. (Here’s a blog post I wrote recently about the advice I have found most useful.)


Share what you are learning


The pandemic is affecting industries differently. Some are humming, some are scraping by, and some are shattering.


Share with others what you are learning about your industry. What is happening now, and what does the future hold? What do these changes mean for your own company, and what do they mean for your clients?


As this pandemic continues to unfold, the answer to these questions will likely change. Update your statements as needed.


Do something different


Everything is different than it was two months ago, and it’s never going to be the same. Your approach to marketing should be different as well. Are there topics you’ve always wanted to cover but thought were off-limits, like empathy or mindfulness at work?


What about experimenting with video? If late-night hosts can record from their homes, in hoodies and with a glass of bourbon by their side, it’s pretty safe to say that you can, too. (Unless you’re a judge.)


Ask your audience what they want to know


If you are truly stumped, reach out to your audience – friends, colleagues, clients, vendors, etc. Ask them what they are grappling with and what they want to know. It’s easier than trying to guess.


And by the way, you might find out that your content ideas are completely aligned with their needs right now, proving for once and for all that you are a rock star.


Now it’s your turn: How are you creating relevant content during the pandemic?

Image by bongkarn thanyakij via Pexels 

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