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How to Develop a Content Strategy

How many times have you heard you need a content strategy? You probably think, “But I have a marketing plan already! Isn’t that enough?”

Kind of! But not quite.

A content strategy dives deeper to support lead generation. It organizes the content you have (or will create) to ensure it’s reaching the right people at the right time. Therefore, it can save you time and money AND improve your overall marketing efforts.

Here’s how to develop one.

Start with your goal

What role is content playing in your business? Drive awareness, leads, and sales? How many new leads do you want a month? How many new clients?

Once you know the end-game, you’ll be able to track if your content strategy is working.

Create personas

You have more than one target market. You might have two. You might have five. Creating personas for each of them will help you create more relevant content for them.

Name each persona, and build out their profiles – demographics, interests, challenges. Then you can map out what type of content they’ll be most interested in as they move through the sales funnel.

Audit your content

I know the word “audit” conjures scary IRS stuff, but in this case, it’s not scary at all. You just want to know what content you already have and what you need to create. (Remember, you want more clients, and more clients mean more money, and more money is FUN!)

Look at your blog posts, ebooks, white papers, infographics, videos, etc. What will fit into each persona’s content map? Where are the gaps?

Map out each persona’s content 

You have your personas, and you have a list of existing content. Now tie them together.

Simply list each persona. Add the topics they are most interested in, what content you have for them, and what content you still need. You can do this in a document or spreadsheet – doesn’t matter.

Figure out distribution 

How is each persona going to receive the content they care about? You’ve just spent all this time on your content strategy. Now you need some eyeballs.

Here are three ideas to get you started:

  1. Target them via paid social ads
  2. Segment email lists and only send people the info they care most about
  3. Create automated email campaigns that are triggered when people download something

Create new content

Head over to your editorial calendar, and assign due dates for your new content. Looking further out, make sure you are regularly creating new content for each persona.

If you ever feel stuck and need new ideas, do a quick search on BuzzSumo to find out what content is popular on social media right now. Ask your clients, too. What challenges are they facing? What do they want to know more about?

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