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Is it Time to Try Direct Mail for Your B2B Company?

Is direct mail back? I think the answer might be yes for a pretty straightforward reason.

Our email inboxes are constantly overflowing.

I have been known to delete hundreds of marketing emails at a time – without even looking at them. I’m sure you’ve done the same.

Snail mail is different. You have to look through the mail to ensure you don’t miss a bill, thank you note, birthday card, coupon from your favorite store or wedding invitation. Maybe this is why MailChimp – an email marketing platform! – is rolling out Postcards (currently in beta).

I also think sending snail mail is tapping into the current zeitgeist of trying to create a slower, more unplugged, more intentional, more “old-fashioned” life.

Tiny homes are a thing. The number of farmer’s markets in the US has increased by 471% in the last 20 years. Handcrafted products that are built to last are a hot commodity (and a reason why fast-fashion retailers are struggling). Fire pits as gathering spots are found in suburban backyards and on the roof top decks of urban hotels.

So, is it time to try direct mail – even if you have a B2B company?

Yes … if:

You have a compelling message to send, you segment your list and you customize the message for each segment.

Marketing is very much about customization. You must speak to the individual, not a broad group, for your message to be effective.

So, with that said, here are seven ideas – big and small – you can use for a direct mail campaign:

  1. Create a small, soft cover book that tells your story and introduces potential clients to your business. Give them access to a free service or promo code.
  2. Invite your best clients to an exclusive, invite-only event.
  3. Send a small gift to say hi or thank you – just because.
  4. Mail out balloons that have a message on them; the recipient has to blow up the balloon to read the message (idea courtesy of click2mail).
  5. Create a piece that can be turned into a mobile or sculpture; the recipient can display it on their desk or at their workspace.
  6. Send a postcard with a beautiful illustration or inspiring quote that the recipient can display on their bulletin board.
  7. Create a postcard loaded with your best tips; it can used as a quick reference guide.

Need help?

We write copy for all sorts of marketing campaigns, including direct mail. We’re more than happy to bat around some ideas with you. Drop us a line!

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